XSite Pro Review

Xsite Pro is the best simpleton web designer package on the market. If you are like me you do not want to spend forever creating a website, Xsite Pro makes it so easy for anyone to make a website without knowledge of HTML and other complicated web design methods.

Changing the colors is as easy as selecting from a list of colors for each part of the page, for example if you want a yellow banner, you simply click banner and select yellow…hey presto.

Want to import pictures? Well again it is just a case of copying and pasting.

One of the things I like is that it automatically builds a site map for you! What does this mean I hear you say…. well Google likes you to have a site map when it crawls over your site and finds what your site is about. It can then rank you accordingly, for example if you want to be ranked for different keywords then name a page with the keyword and the site map will help to index it and rank for that keyword.

Xsite Pro is probably the fastest web builder on the market and is a snap at the price. If you need to get a website up in a day then this is the one for you.

When you edit your site it is just a case of pressing publish and then it automatically updates it for you. This software is so easy you could get 8-12 year olds building websites.

An option with this tool is to build websites for other people, you can easily incorporate the colors and design of there choice with the wide range of gadgets available and you can be sure to achieve professional looking results.

So whether you need a website or a friend would like you build there website this is a great tool to use.

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