WordPress As CMS – Option Explored

Talking about website development services, WordPress is being offered as a choice. Apparently a fully operational WordPress is not just about blogs now. As a content management system, or rather as a contender to the race with services like Drupal website Development or Joomla website development, WordPress is presenting its case. Amongst the popular open source content management system options, Joomla and Drupal have satisfied their users, it is now the turn of WordPress to broaden its horizon and thus get accepted as one of the credible open source CMS solutions. While the claims can only be tested upon trial, a quick tutorial is presented below for the interested.

The WordPress till now was popularly a blogging software. The same is now being advertised as a cost effective and useful open source content management system. Like other CMS in the category, it is available free of cost, has a supporting developer community, allows to build pages and creates posts and thus build the site’s content, is customizable and is flexible enough for designers to opt from amongst the various theme choices. The themes or the customized options can be selected, depending upon the site’s purpose and requirements. For instance there are categories of themes available, a specific being ‘Real Estate Themes’. Backed by iThemes, as the name suggests, this layout is a website content management choice for those operating in the domain of property sale and purchase. These search engine optimized themes are high on quality, flexible on features and at the same time, quite economical. A customized theme, equivalent to the mentioned Real Estate Theme or Ecommerce Themes or Shutter Themes, will not only have to be conceived form scratch but also will bring along expensive tags. Theme selection will naturally be a function of the objective website is expected to solve.

The SEO angle

Let that be Joomla website development or any other website development option, higher search engine rankings are a must. In fact the day we actually think about a website, a natural fantasy is to see our web pages enjoying good ranks and search engine visibility. The WordPress website development, amongst the various other services, commits to fulfil this task. Search optimization, together with other things requires intelligent keyword placement. WordPress commits to achieve the objective, by default. As a content management system, it claims to manage to content in a way that keywords are placed suitably to be identified by the search spiders.

Navigation simplicity

Additionally, there is ease of navigation offered by this open source CMS. Whatever additions or changes you make to the website pages, navigation menu bar is automatically updated. The hierarchy is thus in place. With different themes, there are further options in the category. For example the drop down option for menu navigation. Thus without having to figure out the code, as a developer you can produce a well managed, organized site for the navigators.


WordPress before anything is a blogging platform and so if it prepares its case as an open source content management system, it can certainly claim hassle free content up gradations. The current website designs are almost incomplete without a blog and this extra dimension is conveniently fulfilled by WordPress website development services.

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