Why Affiliate Programs?

You are engaging in affiliate marketing when you promote products and services by sending prospects to a website. Your goal is to get people to view promotional material that leads to a sale or benefit for the company you represent.

You receive a commission for your efforts. In some situations, you receive commissions for simply sending people to a website. While in other situations, you receive commissions only if a sale occurs.

One of the great internet-marketing trends is that you do not need your own website. Companies will provide you with a replicated website and/or banners, ads, email campaigns, and other methods to promote what they offer.

Alternatively, you may get access to specific web pages, referred to as landing pages. You could also get the use of both landing pages and a replicated site. Your job is simply to find ways to get people to view the material. You can use both on-line and off-line methods to accomplish your goal.

Affiliates can earn thousands of dollars per month from just representing one company. As an independent affiliate, you can of course act on behalf of more than one company.

Are you new to the affiliate marketing model? If so, do not start out by paying someone for the opportunity to represent their product or service. You have a choice from among many legitimate affiliate programs to join, that will cost you nothing. Good (great) programs will also provide you with assistance and a ton of free information.

It is important to not confuse multi-level marketing with affiliate marketing. Network marketing is another term you will see a lot of on the internet; and, the big new term is inter-network marketing.

Remember that you pay one way or another to join MLM companies. Remember also that legitimate MLM companies are in the business of selling a real product and not just the “opportunity” program.

There are perhaps three general ways of viewing affiliate marketing, as it relates to you having a website.

1) You do not have a website, and you do not want to build one.

2) You plan to build a website.

3) You already have a website

Each of the above viewpoints requires a different approach to choosing your affiliate partners.

If you do not have a website, you must think in terms of developing a “traffic process” to get people to view the products and services you represent.

If you plan to build a site, you must plan your “traffic process” as you lay-out and build your website. Building a website is where brainstorming keywords become very important.

If you already have a website, the question for you is: are you making money? If you are not as successful as you like, then you must re-work your site or build a new one. Do not worry. There are good techniques you can use to re-work your site, if necessary.

Remember, you can make money through affiliate marketing with or without a website.

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