When You Build A Site – Build It With High Quality And Integrity

So with all the many website’s out there, what makes you think your website will stand out and be interesting enough that people will want to see it? When you build a site, getting it noticed is the primary objective. It doesn’t matter what field you are in. You could be in the mode of website creation strictly for profit, or you could be creating your website or blog to expound upon some concept or ideology that you feel is important. So based on the assumption you want your website to draw traffic and be visited let’s set forth some tips that will insure that helps that have a good chance of happening.

For one, for what ever concept or niche you decide to build a site on, you have to be knowledgeable, and be unique. Yes being different from others in your chosen niche is important. If you can fill a niche in a manner that gives your visitors something they probably can not find else where, you will go a long way to establishing yourself as an authority in what your website is about. Giving your website visitors value and cultivating a lasting relationship with them will establish loyalty with them.

People like to feel when they establish a relationship with another person online that they are being treated with respect. People like to feel that they are getting a good deal and are being told the truth. If they are buying something from you, if you can make them feel they got a real good deal and sold them something that they really wanted, then they are going to think of you as someone they want to continue to do business with. I will give you an example of an internet marketer who I use to do business with, who passed a way not to long ago, he was my go to guy for website graphics.

His name was Barry. He cultivated a niche of website header graphics for one. He sold me several sets that were of very high quality at a very fair price. They came in .jpg and .psd format. The Photoshop version were very nice. All you had to do was load them into Photoshop and edit the fonts and graphics as you wanted. The base .jpg format were completely open to new styles and design. Not only did he supply you with this type of high quality. He even included a video tutorial showing you exactly how to use Photo Shop to manipulate the header graphics.

The point being is, what ever niche you decide to build a site around, you also should be striving to deliver value and quality at a fair price. You want to become recognized as an expert, so people will grow to trust your judgment. Often when people visit someones website they are looking for information they do not have, and information they want to know. I don’t know if you have ever surfed around trying to learn something online and you are literally bouncing all over the internet, but I have. It is always great when you land on that special website or blog that really comes through for you on what you are seeking.

Don’t try to con people by telling them something just to put your self in the position that you may profit off of them. I will give you an example and I will tell you where I think Google is dropping the ball lately. I am in the field of internet marketing so I am usually privy to up and coming product launches. Some products just sound real wonderful as they are described on the sales page or blogs that are cultivating customers prior to the products launch. I have found the best way to ascertain the value of a product is to find out what customers who have purchased the product really feel about it.

Where I feel Google drops the ball and I do not have an answer as how they could fix it is in the following scenario. Review sights. When I am in the research stage of consideration on whether to purchase a product, I type in to Google the products name followed by the word “review” or “scam”. For a long time now internet guru’s have sold people the concept that to make a sale you should act like you are giving an impartial review to the product, so hence a person lands on your site, reads your review that does not seem like a sales pitch and clicks on over to your order page after being so impressed with you that you make a sale.

I have found lately now though that when I type in a review search of a new product that they first 2 to 3 pages are stuffed full of one review site after another. They are all just offering bogus opinions in order to make a sale. Usually if I keep drilling down into the results, 2 or 3 pages I will find an honest site that has what I am looking for, an honest evaluation of the product from the view point of people who had purchased it and used it and left their evaluation on this person’s review site.This is what I am talking about. Be honest and deliver value, don’t just use sale’s lingo and try to sell people stuff, especially crappy products.

In the same sense that Barry and now his wife Martha stand out to me as honest affiliate and internet marketers, I have dealt with people who are just the opposite. I remember one person in particular who I will with hold his name. He was selling a system designed to make you rich, tried and proven with lots of bonuses. His main product was an informational course in the form of a.pdf document. He was expounding on the idea of using review sites as well. I remember as I read it as he was trying to teach me how to be dishonest with people, that I would steer clear from him in the future, and I have.

He was telling me in a nut shell for example to go into ClickBank, pick out two or three products to review on your site. It didn’t matter if you really knew anything about the product. He ascertained that you could get all your information from the products sales page to appear to be an expert. He was also trying to teach me that of the 3 products, the one you were to rate in highest favor-ability was the product that paid out the highest commission. He really got into his idea and was very informative to how much money he had made this way. Maybe he did make a lot of money. Maybe he didn’t. But he was quite proud of himself. Let’s review our selves. He basically lied to people in order to make money, by his own admission and he tried to teach people to lie as well.

Now a days when I receive promotional emails from him, I rarely even open them. Even if I have found that it is a good product he is marketing. If I want it, I will buy it from someone else.So in conclusion, when you build a site, create your website with integrity and honesty in your chosen niche. Don’t put out crap or you will probably get to be known as a crappy marketer. Even if you are not building your website for profit, if you want your website to prosper with happy visitors then make them happy. Given them uniqueness and value. Also I have to say, knowledge is great but present your knowledge in a professional manner as well if you want to be taken seriously in your chosen niche.

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