What Is Included in the FatCat Blueprint Product?

The FatCat Blueprint is a guide that explains how to build a high-grossing online business using Google AdSense. So, what do you actually get when you buy this product?

  1. FatCat Blueprint eBook
    This a 242 PDF eBook that contains the step-by-step blueprint developed by Bertil Jenner that can teach you the steps to build a high passive income generating business using Google AdSense powered niche sites. This book is divided in to 3 section: Building, Promotion, and Scaling. The Building section is 12 chapters and covers topics like:

    • How to find a niche
    • Keyword Research
    • Choosing a Domain Name
    • Web Hosting
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Content Creation
    • Outsourcing

    The Promotion section goes further in-depth and covers more advanced SEO topics in addition to some advanced promotion techniques. This section is composed of 4 chapters. The final section, Scaling, covers exactly that: how to scale your business so that you can achieve really impressive monthly income. It consists of 5 chapters.

  2. FatCat SEO Bonus EBook
    This is considered a bonus to the main product. This eBook covers search engine optimization (SEO) concepts and strategies such as how to organize your site, writing content that includes optimal keywords and phrases, how to build links, promote your site, and monitor results. The book consists of 9 chapters and is 58 pages long. This is a very good guide with rich information and could conceivably standalone as a separate product.
  3. FatCat Domain Hunter
    This is a desktop application that can help you find available domain names based on a keyword phrase that you are targeting on your AdSense site. This is a java application so it should run on any OS platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) assuming java is installed. You can configure what top-level domains (TLDs) you are interested in (.com,.net,.org, etc.). It works by taking your keyword phrase and looking for available domains that match exactly or match with a particular prefix or suffix attached. You can configure the prefixes and suffixes you would like to search on in the application’s settings. Overall, this is a useful tool and works reasonably well but there are better options out there (see Domain Samurai).
  4. FatCat Templates
    Finally, the FatCat Blueprint ships with a number of pre-built website templates that are optimized for AdSense earnings. There are 5 main sets of templates included: 3 static HTML/CSS templates and 2 WordPress theme templates. Each set of template are broken out into 5 or more templates that vary primarily based on color scheme. These are all pretty basic templates but they do provide a decent starting point for getting your AdSense sites out the door and earning passive income.

Overall, the FatCat Blueprint provides a ton of great information in the 2 Ebooks and those make the product worth the price of admission.

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