Websites for Free?

You would like a website for free wouldn't you? Well, there are sites online which offer people the possibility to build their own websites for free. But, hold on a minute. Wouldn't you like people to actually see the website you build? This is where the problem lurks!

In almost every case we hope our website will be found in the noise of millions and millions of websites out there on the World Wide Web. Mostly we would like to earn money from our website. Unfortunately we sometimes have to pay a little to receive something. On the other hand, there is not much of value we can get for nothing these days and in many cases when "it sounds too good to be true" it probably is too good to be true.

Quality work usually requires skill and dedication. We have become used to receiving for nothing on the internet but remember that everyone needs to earn their living and skills need to be rewarded.

Websites need to be search engine optimized (SEO) so that they can be found by engines (or crawlers) such as Google and Yahoo. Proper optimization requires knowledge and webmasters have to constantly train themselves in order to keep up with changing trends. Believe me, this is not an easy task and it grows more difficult by the day as algorithms change.

Search engines need to keep their algorithms secret (because they too have competitors) so it is necessary for a good webmaster or web marketer to cover all the bases when optimizing a website. Things are constantly shifting and what worked a few months ago may not work today. What search engines endeavor to do is to return to the searcher a useful match to their query. In order to do this the search engine must search the billions of pages on the web to find the correct content. Without optimization the crawler will be unable to access your content, even if you have good content.

What are some of the important points for good optimization?

  • well written content (not copied from anything on the web but freshly written)
  • internal links
  • external links
  • metatags such as keywords and descriptions
  • alternative titles for images

Do your homework, find a webmaster with good references and build your website on a solid foundation. Thereafter you will need to market your website but more about that in another article.

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