Web Traffic – How to Stop Losing Traffic From Your Website Due to Reader Eye Strain!

Isn’t it amazing how a few small and simple changes made in minutes can make a big difference that provides you with improved results for years?

Many of these small changes seem to be simple once discovered and yet they’re somewhat counter-intuitive at first which prevents the majority of people from acting upon them on their own until someone shows them.

For this reason, I’m going to share with you some ways you can “stop the leaks” of traffic away from your website due to the common culprit known as “Eye Strain” so that you can make the most of the traffic you’re getting and even get much more traffic to your website!

So without any further build up by way of introduction, let’s dig in okay?

How to Make it Easy on the Eyes

Eye strain on a website happens when your reader visits your site and then finds themselves having to strain their eyes to follow.

Some common causes of this is having text that’s too small or fonts that are too hard to read resulting in unneeded eye strain and visitors leaving your website without buying because of it.

Another common cause in losing readership of your sales copy is when you have text that is jumbled up in paragraphs that have so many lines, one after the other–without any breaks between them–that it overwhelms the eyes causing them to strain.

Some ways to make it easier on the eyes to solve this problem are by using white space or “spaces” between sentences to give your reader the opportunity to digest your text in more bite size segments than forcing her to read 50 lines without a break.

Another way to make it easier on the eyes is to use images to demonstrate the key points and ideas of your message. This provides something “interesting” other than just more text and cluttered text again.

-A strategy I like to use is the combination of all of the above and then also use certain ’embellishments’.

This can break up the monotony of your message, make it more interesting and provide your reader’s eyes with…

“Much Needed Visual Relief!”

For the purposes of our discussion here, “visual relief” is basically anything that will relieve the eyes of your readers from having to strain to digest the text of your message all at once without any breaks.

You can use bulleted lists, numbered lists, strategic spaces, ellipses, colons, semi-colons; –dashes like this for separating phrases–, Drop caps for the first letter beginning paragraphs…

…and now back to those embellishments.

Some of what I call the embellishments are using bold, italics and underline.

Can you see how all of these methods make reading your messages more interesting for your reader?

A good rule of index finger is to not allow the opportunity of a reader to scroll for one whole page length without you having included at least some form of visual relief for them.

You can see how long a page is by locating the Page Down key on your keyboard and pressing it once.

Do you like this kind of training that can help you identify areas where your website may be losing traffic as well as help you by giving you the solutions to get more traffic which could otherwise take you years of testing and tracking to discover on your own?

I mean, if you just begin to apply what you’ve learned in this article, you’ll already begin to have some improved results!

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