Video Marketing – YouTube Is Going Nowhere!

YouTube traffic continues to climb and people are engaging more now than at any time with videos.

Through all the resent search engine changes you will find that videos still show up near the top of the search results for most keyword searches.

This is a great way to create traffic because it does not depend completely on SEO

Creating your videos

Here are a few simple ideas for you to start creating your videos.

Create power points and use a screen capture tool like jing, cam studio to record the video.

Use windows movie maker to insert images or free public domain images into a sideshow and overlay it with audio of you reciting a article that you wrote in your niche.

Use your webcam or flip video camera and sit down and talk about your points.

Record a screen capture tutorial showing people how to do something online you can also record your hand writing on a white board.

YouTube ranking signals

It is very important to include keywords here and try to make your first sixty characters keyword focused, so that it appears in the search results.

Video description

YouTube gives you plenty of room to create an informative description.

Videos that typically rank the highest have good text in the description that relates to the video.

Include your website or blog link at the beginning with this format <a target="_new" rel="nofollow" href=""> </strong> a> with out the http: // your link will not be active. It is also advisable to include your squeeze page link here as well.

Video tags

Use the same keywords for your title and description in your tag and think of any related words that you can possibly use.

Likes and dislikes

Encourage people to like your video after watching it and at the end of your description.

Request people on your e-mail list to view or comment on the video.

Let people on Facebook and other social media outlets know about your video.

Video comments

Keep the comments open so that your video stays active and this will help push it near the top.

If you respond and interact with people who leave comments, this will help with your ranking as well.

YouTube search suggestion

You can also use a free tool called Google insights for searches (formerly Google trends) .

Put in keywords to view and compare their trends. Is there a high volume for it based on their 1 to 100 scale? Does traffic seem to be rising for this topic?

Find hot video topics being promoted on YouTube You can use the free videos keyword tool . Type in your keyword into the YouTube search suggestion.

For example start typing "golf ti" and it will bring back many variations for golf tips.


Allow YouTube videos to be syndicated all over to mobile devices, tv and more.

Number of video views

This is one of the most important ways to see your video rankings improve.

Getting more people to view your videos can be huge for your content as it is a good indication that it is popular.

Send to your e-mail lists and social media.

After about eight seconds a video is considered viewed so make sure your content is engaging.

Start creating your videos

Run a search on Google for "video hosting sites or" video sharing sites ".

Always remember to keep your information informative, engaging and fun.

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