Understanding Solo Ads and Classified Advertising in Ezines

As we are faced with tough times during a world-wide economic crisis, studies indicate that more than ever, people from all walks of life have an increased desire to supplement or even replace their current income situation. While seeking the right program, or home based business opportunity is a difficult task to initiate, finding successful advertising solutions can be an equally frustrating experience.

While many online advertising options exist, few remain to hold the respected reputation found in ezine advertising. In stating so, understanding the various forms of ezine advertising can be confusing for those seeking this exceptional ad venue.

First, let’s understand what an ezine is. Ezines are magazines published online. The name Ezine is an acronym for “Electronic Magazine”. And, just like magazines, ezines contain a variety of different forms of advertising.

Let’s take a look at a couple of popular ezine advertising options available in nearly every ezine or newsletter:

**Classified Advertising

Classified ezine advertising can be found in almost every ezine publication. These are small 5 line ads found in a ‘classified advertising’ section, typically among several other offers from different advertisers.

A classified ad should be formatted to a maximum of 5 lines long and up to 65 characters per line. A character is one letter or number, including spaces between words. The first line of the ad, or headline, is the most important line, as this is the ‘attention grabber’. The last line is typically reserved for the web site address or contact information.

Because many publishers keep an online archive of each ezine issue published, a classified ad with a web site url can contribute a one-way link back to your web site for many weeks, months, or even years.

**Solo Advertising

What are solo ads? Simply stated, these are ‘stand alone’ advertisements published in ezines where no other ad competes against the marketing offer. The solo ad is sent to subscribers of ezines who have already agreed to receive the ezines as well as any associated advertising offers or recommendations.

Referred to as the king of ezine advertising, the solo ad enables the advertiser to reach his or her audience of opt-in subscribers. Subscribers of the ezine publication are already familiar with the ezine publisher and have a sense of trust for the publisher’s recommendations.

A well developed ad campaign delivered via solo ads has the potential to create substantial income and/or leads. In fact, most online professionals have used this method to build huge Internet businesses.

While no one can guarantee your ad will make you a fortune, using this method will offer you the best chance of getting your marketing message out to warm opt-in market.

As a rule, most publishers will accept an ad up to 50 or 60 lines long, formatted up to 65 characters per line. Unlike the classified ad, a solo ad allows you to create compelling headlines or ‘subject lines’. The subject line is the text you first read in your email inbox that grabs your attention to open the email and read the message.

You can think of the solo ad as if it were a mini web site. A well written solo ad should have an attention grabbing headline, followed by subheadings, bullets, and a call to action. Above all, list benefits – tons of benefits! Take full advantage of the amount of space being offered, after all, your offer is ‘on stage’ so plan and rehearse it well.

**Ezine Advertising Tips

A word of caution before beginning any online advertising campaign: Track your ads! There are many tracking services to choose from, so do a search and find which one will best suit your needs. There’s no point in feeling uncertain if your efforts and dollars are going to waste.

Finally, subscribe to the ezines which will be publishing your ad. If you’ve chosen to do classified ads in multiple ezines, I highly recommend you use an alternate email address to confirm and hold your subscriptions. Ensure you check the email account frequently to avoid any bounces.

If the time is taken to skim through each ezine, you’d be surprised at the amount of valuable information and free resources you’ll find right there at your fingertips.

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