Three Easy Steps for Building a Subscriber List Fast

Marketing is a very delicate, yet beneficial field. Building a subscriber list involves using a variety of marketing techniques in order to get people interested in a certain product or website. Building such a list requires time, planning, and patience. The first step is creating a give away product. The second step is setting up an autoresponder. And the last step is creating and launching a marketing campaign.

Creating a free product to give away

This is the most important part of building a subscriber list. People will not just give out their name and e-mail address randomly. They need to know that they will be receiving something in exchange, preferably something that is free. A few good examples for such products include a PDF file, an e-book, an audio book, and a video. This digital content needs to be of high quality. After all, nobody wants to receive free trash. It is essential that the information on the book, video, or file is accompanied by photos, graphics, and charts. Plagiarized and vague content will not attract people. The give away product will be exchanged for a person’s name and e-mail address.

Setting up an autoresponder

People that receive the free product will enter their name and e-mail into a web form. This form needs to be linked to on autoresponder. There are many autoresponders to choose from, but the most popular one is Aweber.The quality of an autoresponder is determined by two things -how well it handles large lists, and whether or not it sends the e-mails on time. Receiving more than two e-mails per week can be considered as spam by the clients. These e-mails need to have valuable information that will be of interest. Again, nothing should be plagiarized.

Creating the marketing campaign

The last step to building the subscribers list is coming up with a good marketing strategy. Advertising the giveaway product is the primary concern of such a campaign. An appropriate date must be chosen, so that the news about the free product spreads like wildfire. Facebook, Twitter, and forums are great ways to advertise and spread news fast. Going through with a similar campaign may require for more than one person to be on board.

Building a subscriber list is not a difficult task, but it requires time and planning. Successful lists can be created by following three easy steps – giving away a free product, setting up an autoresponder, and launching a marketing campaign.

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