The Importance of a Domain Name in the Branding Process

For a business trying to build a web presence, choosing a web domain name that is just right can be a difficult task. A domain can help to launch a brand if chosen properly. There are many things to take into account when looking for a name and a web domain hosting company for the website.

Why Choosing a Domain Name is Important:

It is important to choose a good name for several reasons. Your domain name is your identity on the Web, and often supports your business as legitimate. Your clients or customers will look for you by your domain name. It is also what you promote – just sending an email is a promotion of your company. Your initail goal should be to create an online presence via a website. There are many domain hosting companies that offer web domain and hosting for a very low monthly fee. They can also help with domain registering if needed.

How to Choose the Domain Name:

There are things to consider when choosing a name. Some people believe you should keep your name short and sweet. It is true that short names are easier to remember and spell, making it more likely that people will remember and be able to enter it directly into their browser. However, with powerful search engines, a long, descriptive name may help you find people that have never heard of you before, but know what they’re after.

(1) It is easier to brand a memorable name or a name that sounds good. Names that rhyme or where the words of the name share the first letter makes for a more interesting and easy to remember. Avoid funny spellings as they can confuse potential visitors.

(2) Try to choose a web domain name that uses extension. While other extensions are rising in popularity,.net are still not as widely used This will make the brand, or domain, easier to advertise and promote and easier for people to remember. If is not available, choose followed

(3) Choose a name that is not too close to another website name, especially if you are in the same type of business. If your names are too similar, your attempts at promotion can inadvertently send a potential customer to a competitor.

(4) Choose a name that works with what your business or website offers. Ideally, choose a name that contains a strategic keyword. This helps your site get better search engine rankings, resulting in more traffic, and more potential customers visiting your site. If your domain name is memorable, the customers can easily return as needed. If they cannot remember the name, if you keep the name related to what you are offering, they can easily search for your site using relevant keywords. Web domain names containing a strategic keyword for your industry have a distinct advantage on search engines.

After Choosing a Domain Name:

Once you choose a good domain name, you must register it. Domain registering is a simple process and there are many companies that offer web hosting, domain registering, and web email hosting as a package, at very affordable prices. When looking for a place to register your name, compare the type of web hosting they have available as well. The web site host is what will keep your websites pages published. There are low cost hosting companies, or cheap host companies as well as options that keep web hosting affordable. The cheapest hosting is not always the best choice, as you want a company that can offer email web hosting and is capable of high bandwidth hosting in case you want to expand your site, or have a large influx of visitors. In many cases you can get a free domain, web hosting and help with setting up your site all from the same place, making the prices even more affordable. Look to see that the host you use also offers web email hosting for communication. Free domain web hosting is often offered by companies if you use them to design your site.

Choosing the right name can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful website. With the low cost hosting and in some cases free domain web hosting, there is no excuse for not having a site to promote your brand.

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