The Best WordPress Theme For Your Business

The best WordPress themes for your business should work well as landing pages and should drive customers to interact with your company. Well designed websites can reduce your bounce rate and increase your revenue. The final theme you choose should take into account the following;

Widgets on the right, or the option to put them there.

You want your call to action to be on the right of the page. You want your best, most customisable, content to be in the middle or the left. This is because you want the sales proposition to be the first thing that the user sees. When they use Google to search for your product you want them to see that first. Their eye will naturally track to the right, where you put your call to action button. This should says something like “buy now!” or “try me”.

Menu bar across the top.

Some themes allow a menu on the left of the page. Again you want this area to be reserved for your sales copy.

Space for your logo in the top left hand corner.

The top left hand corner of the page is prime real estate. You want customers to know they have landed on your page the second they get there. This projects confidence.

Background colour of the body is white.

This is for readability. Large areas of text that are white on black are very difficult to read. It also makes it difficult to use any other colours in your body if the background is not white.

Stretchable side areas.

Some themes have a right hand side justified theme, or one that is fixed width. This can make it difficult to read your website on the hundreds of other screen sizes and browsers available.

CSS menu (not images).

This is for SEO purposes. Make sure that you can highlight all the text on your webpage, otherwise it makes it difficult for search engines to read your website.

The best WordPress themes are also customisable and have features in the administration section that allow you to easily add CSS or Google Analytics.

The best free WordPress themes for business are;

  • inove
  • vigilance
  • cordobo-green-park-2
  • mystique

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