The Benefits of Upgrading To Dreamweaver CS5

The Dreamweaver CS5 software produced by Adobe gives to the designers and developers, novice and professional, the ability to create standards-based websites with an air of self-assurance. The owners of this new software are able to design either visually or in code. Below are some of the features that the Dreamweaver CS5 has:

Enhanced Integration – This software allows the website designer to not only save time but also decrease the number of steps that are needed to finish projects with intelligent integration across Photoshop Extended, Adobe Flash Professional, Fireworks and Adobe CS Live online services. Just for a limited time, the CS Live services are being offered free of charge.

Intelligent Coding Assistance – You will be able to write cleaner code quicker than ever. You will surely like the idea of taking advantage of code hinting with JavaScript, HTML, and Ajax frameworks like Prototype, Spry and jQuery. With the Dreamweaver CS5 software, you will be able to glean direct insight into the bottom line objects, functions and methods with compelling PHP code hinting.

Integrate FLV Content Enhanced – You will have the ability to add FLV files to whatever web page you create with just a click of your mouse and standards-compliant coding. You can even preview your movies with FLV playback that you will be able to see in Live View.

New Site-specific Code Hinting – You will be able to benefit with the new Dreamweaver software from code hinting in directories in Adobe Dreamweaver in addition to other nonstandard files. This will enable you to get enhanced hinting support for other CMS frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

Enhanced Dreamweaver Extended Community – The novice, who is relatively new to all of this computer jargon, will be able to learn as well as share from an extended Dreamweaver community. There the young and old, the novice and professional, may benefit from training sessions, user forums, seminars and developer certification programs.

New Integrated CMS Support – If you decide to purchase the Dreamweaver CS5 software, you will be sure to enjoy testing and authoring support for different system frameworks such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla!

Enhanced Comprehensive CSS Support – You will be given powerful CSS tools with which to build your website. You will also be able to visually show the CSS box model and not need any separate utilities. There will be no need to manually edit any CSS code.

Support for Leading Technologies – You will have the certainty that you will be able to design and develop your website in an environment that is supportive to just about all leading web technologies. Some of these include the following: HTML, CSS, Ajax, Adobe ColdFusion software, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP and ASP.

New Adobe BrowserLab Integration – A person who becomes the owner of Dreamweaver CS5 software will have the ability to preview local content and web pages with tools that are comparing, multiple viewing and diagnostic. There is a new CS Live online service called BrowserLab that allows you to swiftly and accurately test your web content across different operating systems and web browsers.

The bottom line for those who are thinking about purchasing Dreamweaver CS5 software is that is can provide a challenge novices and advanced users alike. Everyone is sure to like the Dreamweaver CS5 benefits.

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