Stock Photographers – Increase Your Turnover With Supplementary Income Streams

When you already have the professional skills to be a stock photographer you will be able to make use of these photographic skills for additional income streams. Read this article to get some fresh ideas to improve your total earnings.

The income as a stock photographer isn’t what it has been for many photographers who depend on their sales of stock photos. On the other hand many photographers are still having a satisfying turnover from stock photography by diversifying their outlets and new prospect photographers are being enrolled in the stock photography business every day.

But … Stock photography is an uncertain income stream as the income nowadays is so depending on things happening on Internet and these changes happen terrible fast – for the better or the worse.

Many photographers who are doing well in stock photography have their main income from some sort of commissioned photography and hopefully are fine with that. For such photographers the income from stock photography is an additional income just adding something extra. They might not need supplementary income streams

But a huge number of photographers have seen their chance to enter into a full time position as photographers through stock photography and they might be at risk. Get inspiration for the following list of income to optimize your income from your skills as a stock photographer.

Teach better picture taking

The income per hour as a stock photographer is often quite low (and uncertain). Teaching is often much better paid. Choose an audience you are comfortable with. Make use of your special expertise. Is it pet photography, macro photography, children photography, flower photography, items photography – or is it using PhotoShop to optimize the quality of digital pictures? Or how to archive pictures in such a way that the photographer can find them again? Start small, get teaching experience and build your reputation as a teacher in photography. Teaching might be your best bet of getting supplementary income streams.

Give presentations using your photography

Offer to give presentations about themed topics you already have covered in beautiful pictures. Start locally. Partnering with an organization might be helpful in the beginning. Market your skills and other offers.

Partner with non-fiction authors

Partner up with people who would like to write a book for a wider audience with a theme that could be suitable for your skills as a stock photographer. Some of such people might work at the universities and have a mandate to communicate locally. Local guide books might be an option, too. Local tourist associations might be interested and willing to support the production.

Be a travel guide for travelers who like photography

This option is especially suitable for wildlife photographers, travel photographers, historical photographers. Contact a suitable travel agency to take care of most of the practicalities.

Sell individual photos as framed signed pictures

Some photographers are doing quite well selling framed signed pictures, but as I know they have to work hard for it.

Develop your own website to support your activities

Develop your own photographic website and find ways to commercialize the generated traffic.

There are several more ways to optimize an income for stock photographers …

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