Step by Step Procedure on How to Design a Website

Want to build your own website? Feeling confusion how to do it? You need not to have concerns now because this short article will give you complete information about the step by step procedure how to design your own website.

• First you have to get an attractive domain name. Domain name is the name such as, which you gave to your website so that by following the path linked to that name, people can visit your website. To get this name, you need to register to get the rights and pay annual fees for that. You can choose your own domain name and you can also have guidelines from different websites as well. This registration name is actually a business name which will appear in the world of internet.

• Second step which you need to take is to sign up for an account through a web hosting company. When your webpage is placed on that web host company database, the entire world becomes able to visit it. It is like the home of your website. There are some pre-cautions that should be taken before having the services of any particular web hosting company.

• In third step, you need to design you own website. There are two possibilities for in this regard. First you can pay to an experienced web designer for designing a website for you. Second is that, you can develop your own website using different software. Usually people use Dreamweaver for web development. You can use different designing templates for beautifying your website.

• Next step is testing the website. Often web developers skip this step but it is essential to check it now and then. Once you develop your website, do check it over the new versions of internet explorer along with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. This trick enables your website to work over new versions of these web browsers.

• In the case of a shopping website, you also need to research for credit card information and enable your website for that as well. Apart form this; you can also make money with affiliating programs and advertisements with your website. There are a lot of advertising companies who give you opportunity to attach their ads with your website and pay you for those advertisements.

By following these simple steps, you can easily build a good website for your business purpose.

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