Starting Use Internet For Business

Nowadays, everybody can conduct Internet marketer without have own products or services. In one hour, everybody can make website with Internet marketing service to sale products and services. An internet novice people can learn how to buy a domain and hosting service to put website. After that, he/she can build website with free template without HTML understanding. Macromedia and FrontPage will help website development to create good website.

Although you an Internet idiot people, you can starts your Internet business especially in online affiliate business. Below some step you can start:

1. Keep in mind, Internet marketing is not magic process to get money and become rich. Internet is not devil or angel that make you rich as soon possible. You must struggle to get it.

2. Learn about Internet and use it properly. Do not forget to learn how to use word processing and website development tools like Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage or another products to develop website.

3. Choose domain name you like it. Do not think specialization. This is very hard to you as a novice.

4. Buy your domain and hosting. Select cheaper one with enough space. Please do not select big hosting capacity to start your web.

5. Find free template of website. Choose one with easiest modification because you will need put hyperlinks to sale affiliate products and services.

6. Remember all password and user name for manage your website like for control panel and email.

7. Find affiliation products in website via web browser. You can select any product and service that you wish to sale and make commission.

8. Apply to merchant in their website and find hyperlink with affiliate ID. You must remember your ID because this is useful and tools to track you transaction. With this ID you will get your money commission.

9. Put your address and bank account number completely. Usually, merchant will pay your commission with check or transfer to your bank account. You can consult with your affiliate owner.

10. Put your hyperlink to sale their products and services in your web. You can build like directory, list of product, or search engine look like.

11. Do not specialize of your website. Build general affiliate website and do not give up to manage it. Become rich or not, depend on your effort and God.

12. You can specialize after you can see and believe with marketing field.

13. Do not waste your money to advertise your website with payable Internet advertising like in popular search engine. So many ways to advertise your website freely. After you have enough money, you can advertise, as you like.

14. Keep develop your affiliate product and made advertise it.

15. Keep update with affiliate owner and manager. They will give us product and services update.

Finally, yet importantly, keep learn and learn. Internet always growing and develops without stop. DO NOT give up and trust to God will appreciate our efforts. [ ]

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