Start Controlling Your Site & Saving Money Using the Joomla! Content Management System

Not Just Anyone Builds A Dynamic Website

Today anyone can build a website of some sort. BUT to build professional quality, search engine friendly, high usability websites that the OWNER can easily and conveniently carry on maintaining without necessarily needing the developer’s support in future is NOT that easy!

Content Management Systems (CMS) are software designed to make maintaining a website easier and less demanding for the owner or even the developer. Myriads of CMS exist in the market – many FREE, some priced up to $145 or more.

However, most of the available CMS often have issues that ultimately limit the user’s ability to get maximum value from using them build and/or maintain her site.

But With Joomla! ANYONE Can Do It

And that’s where Joomla! has the edge! It offers seemingly limitless flexibility. Since it’s market entry as an Open Source (and therefore FREE) Content Management System in 2005, Joomla! (which used to be named “Mambo”) is now used worldwide to build and maintain the simplest personal websites to the most complex and sophisticated corporate websites. This, and many other powerful features have won it numerous awards.

Joomla! can be used – by YOU or any novice user – to very easily manage your website – be it adding new written content or images or updating downloadable documents, taking online reservations or even enabling credit card payment processing.

Real World Examples of Joomla! Websites

Real-world examples of how Joomla! is used, include building/maintenance of websites or portals for corporate organisations, real estate agencies, e-commerce, hotels, travel & tourism outfits, schools, churches, magazines, newspapers, family websites etc. Other possible applications include websites for bookshops, supermarkets, as well as interactive Radio/TV programmes that need to document/track activities for each edition.

What Makes Joomla! Different From Commercial CMS solutions?

First obvious difference is you do NOT pay to get ALL its powerful features and benefits! Plus, there is always just ONE version. Furthermore, unlike its priced counterparts, Joomla boasts a growing array of extensions – over 4,000 – designed to ENHANCE its capabilities, and a very active user community where people share ideas and solutions for using it.

You Need This Even If You Own A Site!

Whether it is a static or dynamic website, as long as you DO NOT HAVE the personal or in-house company competencies to effectively manage your website to get the results you want – that is to say you still have to DEPEND on EXTERNAL expertise to maintain or update parts of it – you WILL benefit greatly by migrating to a Joomla! based website.

In today’s fast paced, information driven world, results-oriented business owner stand to benefit greatly by building cost-effective and highly maintainable Joomla! websites that they can have 100% control over – and NOT need to call the web designer back for.

With what you now know, you might want to take one – or more – of the following actions:

1. Make your existing site a dynamic Joomla! version

2. Have your NEW website built using Joomla!

3. Setup a self-sustaining web marketing system comprising a newsletter and articles marketing system backed by effective search engine optimisation – and tweaking.

Good luck as you start working towards making your website MORE effective in lowering your marketing expenses, even as it increases your marketing reach and impact on your target audience.

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