So You Want to Be an Affiliate Marker But Don’t Have a Website? No Problem

So you want to be an affiliate marker but don’t have a website, no problem. To be an affiliate marketer means you are selling other people’s products. It is a myth that you need a website to make money online. The step by step technique that I’m about to reveal does not require a website.

  1. Go to the yahoo search marketing ( and create an account
  • Your accounts will need to be activated

2. Go to Msn advertising ( and create an account

  • Microsoft charges a small deposit

3. Go to Google AdWords and create an account

  • Use Google’s keyword tool

4. Go to Clickbank and signing up for free account.

  • Signup is pretty straight forward

5. Browse through the affiliate marketplace and select an affiliate program

  • There are 1000’s of products to sell

6. Use your custom Hoplink created in the Clickbank marketplace as your destination URL for your ad.

  • A hop link is a web address that has your affiliate id imbedded in it

7. Find your keywords

  • Also use keyword phrases

8. Create you’re ad text

  • You are very limited on the number of letters for your title (25-35 letters) and your ad (70 letters)

9. And there you have it you’re an affiliate marketer

  • Repeat process for other products

This process will reap big rewords and if you continue this process. The internet is a game of numbers. The more clicks you get the more money you make.


Use the lowest possible keyword bid

Be creative with you ad text

Track your ads for performance

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