Simple Tips For Getting Eyes Stuck To Your Website

Part of the beauty of simple living is self sufficiency. Many have found self sufficiency via their online presence. But how to get people to come and visit?

Article marketing with sites like EzineArticles is a great way to drive traffic to your website and make a wide new set of subscribers and readers. But what about once your new audience starts to come? What can you do to assure that they stay and don’t click out in a few attention deficit minutes?

For me it begins with the excitement and passion for your topic that you can convey. This bleeds into the design on your home page. You can see when someone has simply whacked up a site with the intention of merely earning money from ads. There is nothing wrong with this in itself and indeed some very successful sites have exactly this intention. But if you don’t want to give that impression then you should avoid placing tons of distracting unrelated Google-type ads all over your site.

Once you have drawn your visitor in with your site you have to then provide the nourishment. The thing that will keep them coming back for more. Give super value. Never be afraid to give and share what you know. Over deliver. Let your audience know that there is passion for your subject and interest there and you want to help them out.

Your sincerity will build trust and there is no major corporate that is not prepared to spend millions of their budget to build that same kind of trust, whereas you can do that just by being yourself. The more trust you build the more your audience will return.They may not buy anything immediately but may do come once you offer something of value specifically for them.

This is another reason to choose a niche that you are truly passionate about and care about and it won’t feel like work!

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