Shopster Dropshipping – How to Set Up Ecommerce Stores With Dropship Products Online

Shopster dropshipping is a site where a person can put up and establish his online business or branded products instantaneously. This allows and provides you with the option of trading only the goods that your prefer to market.

Shopster has created a platform that allows you to build ecommerce stores quickly populated with items from dropshippers. To date, there are nearly 1 million products that you can sell on your ecommerce store. The entire process is streamlined and designed to allow novices and people with no technical skills to build full fledged ecommerce websites online.

All the products that are on your ecommerce stores are dropshipped. This means, you do not need to hold any inventory and don't need to handle the shipping. Once a customer orders a product, the invoicing, delivery and shipping is taken care of by the backend of Shopster dropshipping which have agreements with some of the largest wholesalers and dropshippers in the country.

This is a great online venture especially to those who are just learning the ways of doing business online. Your main task relies heavily on the marketing of the product with the aim of turning possible clients to loyal consumers. All the other business facets such as product delivery, shipping, invoicing, stock count, inventory, payment and order fulfillment are handled by shopster.

Shopster Dropshipping allows you to trade and do business on eBay as well with their integrated store front where you can list multiple products for auctions easily. They are a certified solution developer for eBay and thus the integration with eBay tools is smooth and quite easy to use.

By the way, Shopster also has a customer support center that is available for both you and your customers.

Shopster dropshipping is suitable for people who want to do business online but with limited capital and experience. Shopster provides a 7 day full trial to let you see how it works before committing.

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