Restaurant Review Business – Doable?

Have you ever watched TV programs on people running reviews for various restaurants? This can turn into an online business opportunity!

The Business Idea:

Providing video reviews for restaurants and post them online, along with detailed description from outside the restaurant to inside the restaurant.

The Market:

If you do a search for restaurants in your area, you will probably find websites that are already doing the reviews. However, you will find most of them are not really into the details and they do NOT include video reviews.With the modern technology, bringing a Restaurant Review business from TV to the Internet is easier than ever.


– Large audience: The Internet usage is growing rapidly day by day. More and more people spend time on the Internet more than watching TV.

– Cost-effective: The media medium, with the modern technology, is a lot easy to use. If you have a website built you can easily link videos from YouTube to your website, FREE. And by using YouTube as your video storage place you are also marketing your business with thousands of viewers daily.

Some ideas on how to get started:

1. Build a website, register a catchy domain.

2. Start small. Start with a local city.

3. Find someone who knows how to take videos, and start doing free reviews for 10~30 restaurants

4. Be sure to explain to the restaurants that exposing their business(s) online is essential for the modern world to bring a lot more potential customers to them. And you are only doing a certain amount of free reviews.

5. Once when you have a good amount of quality reviews to add to the website, start building a portfolio on the review services you offer, while starting to market your website on the Internet, targeting the city as audience. You may also want to do some marketing locally in the city depending on your budget.

6. Bring the portfolio with you to new restaurants and offer your services at the cost you desire. (I.e. $50 USD / month for the review to be posted on the website) Explain to them the importance of online exposure and WHY your service is different – You have video reviews! And convince them with the quality of your website, show them the reviews you did previously.

7. One review means a steady amount of income per month for your company. The more reviews you do the more income you will create for your company.

8. Future expansion: This is scalable. Focus on your city first, and then start the same process (steps 1 to 7 as an example) in another city once your first city is steady. City by city and eventually create a large network and strengthen your brand.

Remember, all successful business(s) started with a simple idea. There will be a lot of troubles depending on your environment but the people who succeed are the people who are passionate about what they do and are consistent and committed on what they do.

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