Professional Website Building

A few short years ago you needed a "coder" or "programmer" for professional website building.

The amount of planning, expertise, time and cost that it took to build a professional website was outrageous.

Now. Enter Optimize Press and Lead Pages. You can have a professional website LIVE in minutes.

NOT hours or days …

… And for a fraction of the cost!

Optimize Press 2.0

This is a lot more than a WordPress theme. Optimize Press isn't limited to blogs. Optimize Press can quickly and easily bring your products and services to market. And look GOOD in the process.


• Sales letters

• Membership portals

• Documentation portals

• Blogs (it has a blog template built-in, too, although it isn't super flexible yet)

• Squeeze pages

• So, if you want to have a professional looking sales letter for your e-book or membership site: use Optimize Press. You'll look like you used a professional designer, but you didn't.

• If you want to have a great looking squeeze page to build your email list: use Optimize Press.

• If you want to build a professional membership site portal: use Optimize Press.


I'm a fan of selling your own products or services from your blog. The good news, Optimize Press removes a LOT of the usual hassles in bringing that product or service to market …

… And not being embarrassed by the design of your page.

There's no monthly costs and can integrate with Member Mouse and Infusionsoft. Don't forget to renew your license every year to ensure continued support and avoid possible software issues.

The good thing, too, is that Optimize Press has the ability to use WordPress' capabilities. That is, you won't run the risk of looking like other sites using Optimize Press.

Lead Pages

Turn your next idea into a published landing page in less than five minutes with Lead Pages. You can create, edit and deploy your next high-converting page without touching a single line of code.


• One of the easiest and fastest landing page creation tool (I can create landing pages in less than 10 minutes)

• Has over 80 templates to choose from (more being added monthly)

• They have templates for Sales Pages, Opt-in Pages, Webinar Pages, Thank you pages, Upsell Pages, Launch Pages, Pre-cart pages, and others like About pages

• Leadboxes ™ – These are highly converting modal popups that you can use to collect leads via text, images or buttons.

• Leadlinks ™ – These allows people to join your list, sublist or register for a webinar with a single click.

• Split Testing Capabilities – Improve your conversion rate by doing A / B split testing (details later on)

• Leadpages Hosts all the pages so it doesn't strain slow down your server

• Digital Asset download delivery – You can now use Leadpages to deliver your free reports (PDF file) immediately after they subscribe to your email list.

• Running Facebook Campaigns? You can now quickly create custom tabs inside your Facebook fanpages because leadpages is 100% Facebook compatible.

• They also have a feature to sort the landing pages by the highest conversion rates (based on the conversion rates of leadpages customers)


• It's very easy to use

• You can create unlimited number of pages

• Split testing is included

• Beautiful designs and templates

• Collect other data like phone number, address, etc …

• You can create various landing pages like: 404 pages, welcome gates, squeeze pages, webinar pages, video sales letters, sales letters, thank you pages, presell pages, and more!

• You can easily integrate these pages in Facebook. HTTPS pages included.

• Lead Magnet – Digital product delivery option after subscribing.

• ALL pages are mobile ready! Works with Android, IOS, blackberry and mobile devices

Yes! Speed ​​of implementation. And Lead Pages' proven high CONVERTING pages is valuable. The one drawback of using templates is you sacrifice the control of designing yourself.

Then again, it's hard to argue with speed. I like having a web page idea, and then in 5 minutes, see that web page idea come to life.

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