My Global Domains International (GDI) Review

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to check out Global Domains International. They are a new corporation of web site domain names (web addresses) worldwide. The presentation is a very cute video that is customized with your name and explains in detail what the company is all about and how you can make money from it. I decided to check them out and I am very glad I did.

They offer a 7 day trial which you can use to try out everything they have to offer in full before you have to pay them any money. You get to set up the whole system and see how it works and you have immediate access and use of all the tools offered. After the 7 day trial if you choose to keep it the cost is only $ 10 per month.

The monthly cost includes a domain name of your choosing as well as hosting and all of the following:

• 10 page website which you customize any way you like

• 10 personalized email boxes that you set up

• Full customer support as well as assistance from your upline and every other member in GDI.

• Step by step instruction on how to get started and keep going

• GDI Forum where everyone shares their experiences and can ask questions

• Tips and ideas and incredible free resources

• Training conferences that help you with everything you need to know

They offer absolutely everything anyone will need to get their income flowing. The only additional money that is asked for is for an autoresponder that's a good value at $ 9.99 per month. If you do not want to use their autoresponder you can use your own and just tweak the letters to fit. It's a steal for your business. The websites are very easy to set up and they offer several options for customizing your pages.

The options are as follows and are all included in your $ 10 monthly fee:

• You can use the sitebuilder templates to build your own website

• You can use the automatic forwarding service to forward your domain and email

• You can use your own application to build your website and the hosting service will host it for you

• You can use their parking service until you are ready to do something else with your domain

• You can use your own nameservers

I have found that GDI goes the extra mile for everyone. They succeed when you succeed so they are always willing to help every step of the way. In my experience this is a great business to get in with. Once you join you are not obligated for any specific amount of time. Even though the money you have paid in is non-refundable you may opt out at any time and never be billed the $ 10 fee again. It really is an incredible package at just $ 10 a month.

I did not stick with it as I thought I would. Not through any fault of GDI, it was just not my niche. I really did not know much about creating websites and it just did not interest me enough to learn. As it turns out, I have learned a great deal about website building since then. It's ironic how things turn out. Anyway, I did not even have a problem when I cancelled the membership. It was very quick and easy.

To Your Success!

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