Mobile Websites – 5 Reasons Why Mobile Phones Are Costing You Customers

You Have A Website, But …

When was the last time you checked out how your business website displays on mobile phones? How fast did it load? How easy is it to read? How easy is it to navigate? Does it have small bites of information that your customers on the move really need?

The fact is that the mobile web provide small businesses a great opportunity to attract, connect, and convince customers about using their products and services. However, most small businesses are missing out on this opportunity.

Instead, mobile phones are costing them business because of what customers discover when they visit a small business website on a phone. What do they find? What do they find on your website when it appears on a mobile phone?

The Five Reasons For Lost Sales

1. Your website was designed for the internet and not the mobile web. There is a big difference.

2. Your website is loaded with too much content for the mobile web. That can cause your mobile site to be slow to load and frustrate your customers.

3. Your website makes it hard for customers to find information as quickly as they need it. Customers on their phones are on the move, and don't have time to search a mobile site as if they are at their desktop.

4. Your website doesn't take into account the phone's small screen size. This turns your small business into a teeny-tiny one. Not to mention the eyestrain of reading it (yes, this is a pain).

5. Two out of three mobile phone users are unhappy with websites they access on their mobile phone. And, 40% of these consumers are likely to leave these unfriendly mobile websites and visit the competition's site. (Source: Independent study paid for by Gomez, Inc.)

Having a mobile website that complements your current business website is the solution. Being a mobile friendly site will only add business and build a stronger connection to your customers.

Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly Just Because It Shows Up On A Phone

A mobile website is designed and built for the mobile web and your customers on the move. And, when your customers are on the go using their phone to access the web, they can be interrupted with their search by friends and family. This means that your mobile website must be fast to download, easy to navigate, and provide relevant actionable content like a call to contact button, maps and driving directions.

When it comes to your website on a PC or Mac, it works great. But, when it comes to the mobile web, it is not working to your benefit. It is critical to have a mobile-friendly website as consumers plan to rely on the mobile web as much as or more than the internet to access shopping information in the next 12 months (Source: Yahoo! and The Nielsen Company study 1/11) .

What Should You Do Next?

The key question is: What about your business website? How is your website displaying on mobile phones? Is it a friend or foe to your sales?

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