Membership Websites – Create A Site Or Add A Membership Level

Let’s say you have a membership website about list building. You have just put the finishing touches on a course about writing emails. Are these two topics within the same niche? If you do a search in Google for listing building and writing emails, these two topics seem unrelated. On the day I checked, the listings on page one were for listing building exclusively and writing emails exclusively. Should you create an entirely new membership site for your new email writing course?

My answer to that is no. Although Google seems to disagree, listing building and writing emails fall within the same niche. I realize the creators of these websites who were fortunate enough to be listed on page one used keywords to achieve this ranking. I will address keywords after determining whether or not a new membership site should be created for the email writing course.

The members of your list building membership site will have to write emails to put into their autoresponders. Teaching someone how to build a list and how to write good emails to send to their list go hand and hand. I realize that is obvious, so let’s move on to the not so obvious.

Your current members are learning about list building. Some members may know how to write effective emails but they did not know how to build a list. And some members may not be skilled in either area. You can offer the email writing course to those who need the email writing course by adding a new membership level in your current membership site. Those members who are interested would pay you for access to your content about writing emails. Those members who are not interested do not have to pay but they would not have access to the email writing content.

The benefits of adding another membership level are twofold for membership website owners. First, you are eliminating unnecessary expenses and work for yourself. You do not have to purchase another domain name, create the membership site itself or maintain a separate membership site. Second, adding another membership level also allows you to cross sell and up sell to your existing subscriber base.

Creating another membership level will increase your sales from your current members as opposed as to starting another membership site. The new membership level is more convenient for your existing member to join. They will have access to everything they need all in one location and they can use their existing password.

How can you get ranked for the email writing course in Google? You can create an opt-in page for your email writing course and then create a blog behind it. Everyone knows Google love blogs. You would need to write a keyword rich blog post periodically. Be sure to include a link to your opt-in page in the blog itself. I cannot guarantee you will end up on page one on Google, but this will generate outside traffic for your email writing course.

Adding membership levels to existing niche membership website adds value for your existing customers. Adding membership levels will not only increase your income from your existing membership site, it will eliminate the duplication of effort on your part.

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