Making Money on the Internet From Home – How Are People Doing It?

If you’re like me, you have probably spent a lot of time investigating the idea of making money in the internet from home. And I’m also sure that you have found it to be a huge minefield.

Apparently everyone is doing it, from their bedroom for a few hours a week and they started off with $20. And I’m sure you’ve found that for only $97 you can too! But when you open up your ‘gold mine’ or ‘guaranteed cash cow’ you find that it is a load of hype about nothing that requires you to build your own website or get cheap products from China or something complicated.

I too have spent a lot of money on those schemes and I have learned one big lesson – if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Anything that is going to make money will take some time and effort, but once you find the right idea and follow it through step by step, it really is possible to start making money on the internet from home.

The way I did, and still am doing it, is through affiliate marketing. I learned that I could promote other people’s products and get handsomely rewarded for it. Sometimes for commissions of up to 75%. But I found that it wouldn’t make me money overnight and that I would have to put some work into it.

Firstly I would have to find the right affiliate products to promote, then create a website and gather email addresses where I could advertise other people’s products.

Apart from building a website or blog (which a lot easier than people realise) I would have to get people to my website / blog and then give them free information to build rapport with them.

This is important because if I really wanted to start making money on the internet from home I had to convince my website / blog visitors that I was genuine and wasn’t just money grabbing.

So I gave them free stuff. And I don’t mean discount vouchers – that is an insult! I gave my visitors information products that were directly related to the things they were interested.

For example, if I was marketing to people who were interested in poker I gave them free eBooks on strategy and card reading skills. Because I knew they would be interested in these things, I didn’t give them dog grooming tips or discount vouchers for restaurants because they are not related to my website.

And once I built rapport with my visitors, that’s when I began promoting other people’s products to them. It took a lot of work, but once my affiliate marketing campaign was all set up it practically ran itself. All I did was continue to get traffic to my website and watch as the cash started piling in. Then, I did it all over again – for another product.

Was it quick? No, it took some work. But once I followed the right process I was a success and now I’m making money on the internet from home everyday. All through the correct process of affiliate marketing.

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