Kegels, PC Muscles and Over-Training

Like any other exercise, over-training applies to the kegel too. In fact, you’ll want to take extra precaution in gradually working your way up with kegels, as you’re exercising the skeletal muscles. Over-trained pelvic floor muscles can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction and temporary pre-mature ejaculation-neither of which is fun.

So start out light and get adequate rest. As time goes on, you can eventually move up to kegeling five to fifteen minutes a day.

The kegel is famous for increasing the penile sensitivity, which is great for sexual pleasure. The increased sensitivity, however, occasionally causes a temporary side effect: It’s too sensitive for some men and this can lead to temporary premature ejaculation. If this occurs, your penis should adapt to the sensitivity within a few weeks. If you are unconsciously kegeling during sex, premature ejaculation can also occur. So, if you notice this happening to you, be sure to completely relax your pelvic floor muscles while you are doing your deed.

Another interesting buy VERY subtle thing to notice is when you are walking around or just doing your daily activities. If your muscles are weak they will tend to tighten up as you go about. Every once and a while you will need to stop yourself in your tracks completely and notice if your PC muscles are tense. 9 times out of 10 they are. This is one of the most hardest parts and varies with importance. It’s nearly impossible to stop.

The important thing is that you do your exercises a couple times a week with adequate rest. Slowly build yourself up and don’t go to fast. Its better to slowly build your castle then it is to finish knowing you messed something up and have to start over. Every once in a while through the day stop and notice if you are tensing your muscles and relax them. The more you learn to relax them through the day, the better rest they will have and the more control you will possess!


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