Joomla 1.6: Create a Professional Website in 30 Minutes

Joomla is one of the learning programs for you to be able to build a website that looks professional and unique. You can do this in less than thirty minutes. All you need to do is following these few steps in this order and it will make the process so much easier that trying to figure it out on your own. The good news is that Joomla is made for beginner web designers.

Install Joomla one to the server, while you can do this the best thing to do is to find a host that already has Joomla installed onto the server. Next you need to get a Joomla template. You need to select one of the Joomla templates and click default. Then log into your website and install the template to you Joomla account. Next you need to start customizing the page. You will need to change the heading to something that is unique to your site. Open the Main Menu form and then go to Menu and then click Home. Then go to page title and type in anything that you want.

Then you need to section your articles. This can be a little bit more difficult for you to do. The best idea is to follow the Joomla instructions. But this is a step that you must do in order for you to be able to manage your site easily. After this open the article manager and click new, then you can fill out the sections that are given, this is to input your articles into the site. If you want to add ads to you site like AdSense then you can manually insert the code into your site like you would in many other methods. After this then you need to actually change your logo to a more personalized logo. Then you need to add Google Analytics to Joomla, this is a tool that will help you to track the visitors to you site. After you do this then you are good and you have a site set up and ready to go.

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