Information Marketing – Internet Test Marketing

As the President of the Information Marketing Association, I host monthly coaching calls for info-marketers who have questions and are trying to launch their infopreneur business. Here is a question from Ted in California about Information Test Marketing using the Internet. Since this is a common question, I decided to prepare an article about this challenge to help you.

You can create a great product, but it is worthless if there aren't bunches of people ready to buy it. How do you determine if there are enough people interested in your product that you can actually begin advertising and marketing? I recommend taking your time and read the book "The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords" by Perry Marshall and Brian Todd. Go step-by-step through that book and create a survey that asks, "What is your biggest question about …" whatever your product or business is. Then, go and invest in Google AdWords and test a couple of ads against each other to see which generates the most views.

The amount of clicks your ad gets will determine whether you will be able to generate enough interest to market it. On the landing page for your ad, have a form that includes a question similar to, "What's your single most important question about _____" Fill in your subject in that blank. Then give them a place to give you their email address. You'll learn if there is a market for your product to find out their greatest question and receive their email address. A Google AdWords campaign will help you get started quickly. Soon you'll start compiling a list of common questions. You can send out an email to everyone who's given you a question and tell them you'll host a teleseminar to address the five most common questions on the phone.

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