Ideas For Promoting Your Website

Sometimes we get lucky and organic searches start hitting our sites right away. But for the most part, it can take more than a year to see real progress on traffic to a site, and that’s with starting to promote it right away.

Step one is making sure that the site is search engine friendly. What are the main keywords? They need to be fully integrated into the basic areas of the site. Without being optimized properly, no level of promotion is going to get the site high in a search engine rank.

Another way to bring attention to a site is through press releases. As soon as the site goes live, issue a press release to a site like PRWeb. Include in the press release a link to the side and with the main keyword(s) hyperlinked. This will get the word out and also provide a valuable back line to the site.

Submit the site to relevant directories.

Build back links. This is one of the most important things that can be done to increase the visibility of a site. The links should be from quality sites that are relevant to the topic of your site.

Use social media to increase your site’s exposure. Sign up at sites like Facebook and MySpace. Include the link to your site. Build a community around your product and use the public to help create buzz about your site.

Write articles about the subject of your site and submit them to sites like Ezine Articles. In the resource box, include a link back to your site.

In general, simply reference your site whenever you can. Put it in forum signature links. Include it when you comment on a blog. The more places your URL appears, the more targeted traffic you will get.

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