How to Start an Internet Business Website – It Depends on Your Business Model

Are you wondering how to start an Internet business website? Well, the kind of websites you have to build really depends on the business model you choose to pursue.

Different business model will mean you have to build a different kind of website. Also, you need to understand that certain websites are harder to build than others. For the simpler websites, you can easily learn how to do it yourself. There are many free guides and videos that you can easily find as long as you take the time to search in the search engines.

If you are completely new to Internet business, then there is a very high chance that you do not know what kind of business model you want to pursue.

Well, if that is the case, I will suggest that you start out as an affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketing business model can be very lucrative when done right.

Most importantly, it is easy to build a website for affiliate marketing purpose. As an affiliate marketer, there are 2 main types of website.

So, what is an affiliate? An affiliate is simply someone who sells other people’s product or services for a commission.

(Note: It is difficult to provide step by step instruction in an article. However, you can take what you learn in this article and search for any related videos. Those videos will be able to show you how to set up a website.)

1) Blog

The first type of website is called a blog. There are many 5 figures affiliates who use blogs as their websites. Blogs are very easy to build because you do not need to have any html knowledge.

All you need to do is to choose a web hosting service that comes with Fantastico. Basically, all you need to do is just click a few buttons and viola, your blog is up and running!

2) Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is basically a page that contains an opt in form. Before I continue, I just want to make sure you understand what is meant by an opt in form.

If you have been using the Internet for any amount of time, I am pretty sure that you have come across sites that want you to fill in your name and email address. That form is called an ‘opt-in’ form.

What is the purpose of an opt in form?

Well, as mentioned, it is suppose to collect email address of your visitors. With their email address, you will be able to follow up with them again and again so that you will be able to provide them with more useful information and ultimately convert them into your customers.

A squeeze page is very easy to build since it is only a one page website. You can easily find many free squeeze page templates on the Internet if you conduct a search. All you need to do is to modify the squeeze page template.

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