How To Link Build – Can You Afford Not To Learn It?

Do you want an internet presence for your business? Do you know any online marketers who do not dream of garnering high brand recognition for their online business? There are some concrete steps that you need to take to get your online business noticed. This article introduces you to two modes of building links to your website: Automatic and Manual link building and two free means to build quality links from other websites to your online business.

Automatic vs. Manual Link Building – The Real Deal

Automatic link building process is one of the most down played traffic formulas on the internet today. Automatic link building takes away all the obstacles and time-wasting issues of link building with relative guaranteed results in the long run.

In my opinion, I do not believe that automatic tools do a great job of generating good quality links to your website. What these software packages do is automate the process and remove some of the tedium of the link building process. Whatever you decide to do about using automatic link generators you should continue building links manually, if you want a good SEO ranking.

Manual submissions for the purpose of building links are laborious, time-consuming and cost-effective way to obtain inbound one way links, but it definitely gives you greater control in the submissions.

Manual link building is a long process which cannot be mastered overnight and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get the hang of it. I think manual link building is much more powerful than using a software tool. So what is manual link building you ask? Putting it in layman’s terms, manual link building is the process where links to your website are put onto other websites. Here are a few example methods that can aid you in building quality links to your website.

Article Directory Submissions and Forum Participation

Article directories and databases such as EzineArticles are meant to be used by Article Marketers to build manual links from the directories to their website. When you submit an article with a link to your website in your article’s resource box, you establish a quality link to your website. In addition to writing articles and submitting them to directories, your participation in online forums and the comments you write on others’ blogs also generate quality manual links back to your online business.

Social Media Marketing

Furthermore, signing up to Social Media websites improves your SEO rankings by creating new content and building links to your online business. Social Media marketing refers to the use of Social Media to propagate the business messages across a large number of target users online. Social media optimization (SMO) is a new marketing strategy or buzzword that enables all types of businesses to become popular, gain momentum and increase their online sales. Social Media validation is a search engine optimization factor. Social networking sites are making a great impact on the Internet.

This article’s purpose is to introduce you to a few manual methods that you can use to gain more recognition for your online business by building quality links from other websites to your own.

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