How to Design a Great Website

The ultimate goal of a web designer is to build user-friendly and visually pleasing websites that invokes confidence in the user. By following these simple guidelines, this is very much achievable.

Navigation: Navigation is very important in retaining the visitors. A clear, simple, intuitive and well-planned navigation system is essential for a successful website. Navigation should be planned before designing the site. Avoid cluttering the site with unused links.

The three-click rule is useful while planning the navigation system. Any website page should be accessible within three clicks. If it exceeds three, chances of visitors abandoning the site soar. Testing the navigation is necessary in all browsers to rule out hitches.

Sitemap is extremely helpful in simplifying navigation. It is also useful for seo purposes. Make concessions for additional pages to avoid navigational problems in future.

Browser compatibility is vital and should be ensured by undertaking detailed testing. As various users use different browsers and versions, this is essential for user satisfaction.

Web standard compliance: This is vital for the smooth functioning of the user hardware and software while accessing the site. A web standard compliant site will have valid or near valid JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Accessibility guidelines should be followed for HTML.

Images: Image files should be kept small or compressed to small size to help fast loading. There are image compressors to do the trick without losing the picture quality. ALT tags should be utilized to add the keywords to the image file. This is useful to users who cannot view images. They can understand the purpose of the image by reading the descriptions.

Frames: In most cases, their advantage far outweighs the inconvenience caused by them. Use it only when it is necessary.

Web Content: Keep the content relevant, concise and interesting. You should be able to gauge the audience requirements and expectations and supply just enough information – neither too much nor too less. Good updated content will earn you higher search engine rankings and links from other sites.

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