How To Build Your Own Web

When I first got started on the Internet almost five years ago I did not know anything about SEO, or anything else internet related for that matter, in fact I had to get somebody to set up my email account for me.

After a year or so of learning the basics I decided to set up a website, well an affiliate site that was built for me. The next step was to try to get people to visit the site and being a tight (and broke) Yorkshireman I sure was not going to spend any money doing it so it soon became handsome I would have to learn at least a little bit about SEO. I found no end of expensive courses, gadgets and automated systems but they were out of the question so I just used simple logic.

Build Your Own Web. It's called the web and if you imagine a spiders web the bigger it gets the more it captures and everything it captures ever ends up in the middle. It's so simple and obvious it could not possibly work that easily, could it? Surely if it were really that simple sure all these SEO Guru's who newsletters and PDF's I spent hundreds of hours reading, which video's and training courses I spend many late nights watching, certainly somewhere one of them would have said "Hey it's simple, why do you think it's called the web? Just build your own web "Nobody even hinted anything of the sort to me, nobody said" Use your brain. it's the internet, make lots of nets and keep casting them out "I asked questions in forums and in blog comments and the general sentiment of the feedback I received was I should get my head out of the clouds and stop living in cuckoo land, why did I think big companies spent thousands of pounds a year hiring SEO experts? If it was that easy why was not everyone doing it that way? Well I wasted many hours pondering those questions but could not find an answer.

Luckily I'm more stubborn than a bad tempered mule so when nobody could give me any logical reasons why it would not work I decided to prove it for myself, one way or the other so I started to build my own web and guess what ? It bloody well works.

Let me explain how to build your own web. Of course at the center is your little baby, your main website. Now I still do not know too much about on site SEO and anyway this article is about that but at least learn some basics about on site SEO and make sure your site is not a total SEO disaster.

Now you have your center it's time to start building your own web around it. I suggest your first threads should be simple add-ons to your main site and there are many good reasons to use WordPress for this but you will either have to take my own research or get in touch with me for an explanation. So lets suppose your niche is pets, now you have: yoursitepets , yoursitepets / wordpress1pettraining, yoursitepets / wordpress2pethealth, yoursitepets / wordpress3petfeeding and so on, get the idea? I usually go for 3,4 or 5 add-ons, make sure they all have a link to yoursitepets and a link to at least one of your other add-ons, see how you are starting to build your own web?

The next step in building your own web is to move outside of your own domain, a simple search of "free websites" returns literally millions of results. Depending how hard it is to rank for your chosen keywords you might want to use anything from five to thirty of these free websites and post original content on them. Make sure they all have a link to your main site, to at least one of your WordPress sites and to at least one of your free sites. Hey your own personal web is coming along nicely now!

As a side note, a lot of nonsense is written about duplicate content, but if you want to completely dominate the search engines (and why would not you) you need original content.

You should note that each time you build a new website or add content, if the search engines do not know you've put your time out there you are large wasting your time so every time you publish something on the internet you must ping it to the search engines so they know to crawl it.

The next step in building your own web is to get visual. If you have not used any images in constructing your web you have made a big mistake so lets assume you have included some great images. You can take these images and put them on image sharing sites. Make sure the images are optimized and once you post them have links to your main site and at least one other (WordPress and / or free).

See how big your web is getting and we have not even started about articles, videos, press releases and so on.

Finally, everything you do share on 10,15, 20 or more social bookmarking sites as you do them, it's not good to share everything at all the same time.

I know this looks like a lot of work but once you get into it is easy and fast and many things can be automated.

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