How to Build Your Own Blog Using a Free Website

If you wish for to start or practice your skills on blogging, this article will be of assistance to you on how to build your own blog for free.

1. Go to This site is run by Google and one of the most excellent and mainly popular free site.

2. Click “Create Your Blog Now”. Type the needed information on the boxes which are your user name, password, name of your blog and e-mail address. Click “Continue” after wards. Do not forget all the information you entered because you will need them on the next steps.

3. Now, enter your blog title and blog address. Once you have the blog title, it will also be use on the blog address. Choose the template you desire from the different templates available. This will be the style of your blog. If you would like to change, you can do it without losing any content of what you write. Click “Continue” and start posting.

4. Click “Start Posting” to get started typing your blog. Enter the title of your blog and type on the body with anything you wish to write relevant to your title. Have a preview of your blog and if you are satisfied, it is time for you to hit the “Publish Post”.

5. Click “View Blog” to see your actual blog. This is the page where visitors will perceive your blog. Do not forget your URL address. This is your link and if you want others read your blog, you can share it with them.

Finished! You now have your first blog. If you would like to post another, then just follow the same procedure. Also take a look at the Dashboard, where you will be able to see your blog’s name. Upon clicking it, you will go to another page where you can create a new post, edit or delete an existing post. It’s your time to experiment with the Dashboard, and there is always the “Help” button if you wish for further assistance.

You also have an option to test out for other free sites in the internet somewhere you can start to build your blogging skills.

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