How to Build – SEO Freelance Career

To build a freelance career in search engine optimization portfolio is a must. Clients will waste time on choosing SEO service providers. It’s not all difficult to get a good SEO service provider, to get SEO work your potential must be the best. There is three important points to be taken care of while staring a freelance career on SEO.

You might be having so many years of experience working on SEO Company but when you plan to start a freelance career of your own there should be something on your portfolio. First important point while building a freelance career is to build a portfolio, just develop two or three website and do your level best to optimize your websites. Target at least six months for the optimization of your website so that your website can achieve the top position on every search engines. Google will be updating page rank in every three months, try to achieve at least page rank five for your websites. If you do all these to optimize your websites after six months you will be having nice portfolio of website which will be having a high page rank and optimized for highly competitive keywords so that a question of portfolio should never be a problem for getting SEO works.

The competition is next issue that arises; just analyze the rates at which your competitors quote price for each website. On initial stage don’t look for profit, try to quote price at least twenty percentages less than the price of your competitors – about 50 percentage of the clients give importance for rates while making their decision of choosing their SEO service provider. While analyzing your competitors if you could know the number of submissions they offer for the rates, just offer more submissions for link building. Finally SEO is having both white hat technique as well as black hat technique try to do only white hat techniques to do SEO for the client website. Black hat technique might easily optimize the website but it may result to be a big negative and it will affect your career.

Clients might be un aware of the facts about SEO, always make the client understand the that SEO is a long term process and it purely depends on the keywords. If the keyword is highly competitive even after achieving the results website might need monthly maintenance. Always make the client understand hundred percentage guarantees never exist on SEO, make it clear that you work on monthly basis or weekly basis and you need the payment according to that.

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