How to Build Muscle Fast Using Intense Negatives

Bodybuilders are typically always searching around for new ways to bust through training plateaus, to provide variety for your routines and to find new ways to trigger muscle growth and improve strength levels. Finding and making use of new different exercise techniques is essential for muscle building success as your muscles soon adjust to the demands of new exercises and will be unable to continue grow until new demands are made of them.

There are a great deal of ways in which to trigger growth including the regular progressive overload principle of using certain amounts of sets and reps and doing as many repetitions as you can until your muscles fail. Other useful exercises and variations include: compound sets, drop sets, partials, supersets, 21s and such like. However today we are going to look at negatives as a way to stimulate muscle growth.

So, what exactly are negatives? And how can you build muscle fast using negatives?

Well, negatives go like this. Lets use the bench-press as an example and imagine that you usually do 8 repetitions at 110kg. You have become stale and your struggling to add anymore muscle and got stuck at this weight. Put an extra 20kgs on to the bar and have your gym partner assist you in pushing the barbell until your arms are nearly fully locked. Now with the weight at the top your spotters remove their hands and all assistance and you lower it steadily and under control. Then let your friends help you press it back up once more. Repeat this as many times as you can until you can no longer lower the weight safely and under control.

Why should I do negatives? And will I build muscle fast using negatives?

Well your muscles are actually stronger in the lowering phase so when you do regular reps you are only placing stress on the muscle fibers in the lifting phase which are not as strong. So, by doing negatives you can get your muscles used to handling a heavier weight. Do a few workouts such as this and you can trigger muscle mass growth and thus improve your weight training efforts for your normal routine and increase your overall muscle mass.

Are there any problems with this?

due to the fact that your muscles will probably not be used to performing this type of work and also for physiological reasons you will more than likely be very sore on the next few days after your training session. Certainly do not workout again until you have totally recuperated and keep high your protein intake and be completely sure to take a quality protein shake straight after your weight session.

Negatives can be used in any exercise but work best for the major compound multi-joint exercises like: deadlifts, pull ups, squats, shoulder presses and so on. However do these type of sets sparingly and use them as a way to bust through training plateaus and to stimulate muscle growth on an infrequent basis.

With those points in mind keep taking on good solid muscle building nutrition, rest adequately and workout hard and frequently and you ought to have no problems piling on muscle mass. Now go ahead and build muscle fast using negatives.

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