How to Build an ESL Teaching Portfolio

A teaching portfolio is a collection of documents that shows your teaching career up to the present date.

It can be divided into the following sections.

An introduction: This section should include a letter about yourself, details of your teaching experience and why you should be employed by the school. It should include your CV and a color copy of your passport.

Educational Certificates: The second section should show how well qualified you are for the job. You should include color photocopies of all your certificates and transcripts. This should include your university diploma (s), TEFL certificate and any other teaching credentials.

References: Section three should include all letters of recommendation you have from previous employers. The better impression you can make the more hiable you will be.

Lesson development: In this section you need to show how well you can execute a lesson and present a convincing case that you are an effective teacher. Include lesson plans, worksheets, reading and in-class materials. It is a good idea to include a collection of your students work too. This section should be proof that you are a competent and hardworking teacher.

Personal material: The last section should show the employer that you are an intelligent and thoughtful person. Include some personal writings that you have created, showing you have a good command of the language. Include articles, booklets, projects and curricular plans that you have put together.

Put the sections together in a high quality cloth covered binder, using dividers for each section. Have a trusted friend to read over the portfolio, checking for any grammar or spelling errors.

I hope this article helps you to create an impressive portfolio that will give you both confidence and a competitive edge at an interview.

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