How to Build a Website

I am an affiliate marketer. So when I first build a website, I will build it around a topic and not around the product.

I’ll take the primary keyword and make that my domain name. I do this so that my website will rank well in the search engines. Then I go about selecting categories from the next keyword phrases down. They are usually two to three words. I put up a blog and those will be my categories or topics. Next comes the longer tailed keywords that I will use for the content.

When I use the longer tailed keywords, sometimes I will put the product name in there to capture the people that are looking to read reviews on the topic.

I make the website into a certain niche. So everything depends on the market that I am going after. The longer tailed keywords are highly targeted because that is what people are looking for. It’s important for you to build a niche affiliate site not a product one.

So my process to build a website will consist of going for the overall topic, then I pick the category then I go for the longer tailed keywords for my content. When I build a website it is not niche specific as to how many pages I build. I use blogs because the spiders love blogs.

I have sites that are as small as 5 to 10 pages that are in a very tight niche about a specific topic. Then I have affiliate websites that are about 500 pages and could easily lead down to 5000 if I really work on it. So it just depends on how much you want to get down to the niche with a fine tooth comb. You basically run the website off of the keywords that you find for your research.

You have to be a little bit creative. You want to create pages so that it is exactly what people are searching for. When they come to my blog, I want them to stay for a while reading the content so that they surf my blog for a while. I make sure the content is good.

When you’re working with a blog, you want to serve up articles that are good and that will lead into a sale. Like I said before I build around topics not the products. You’re creating value with the articles you create, not just motivating someone to click on the affiliate link.

When you introduce a product to the public, your content has to have value. Many times the article that you construct will solve a problem that someone else is having. You’re helping a person pick the product that is good for them and that is what you have to remember doing when you build a website.

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