How To Build A Profitable Membership Website

Internet marketers say it all the time lately. If you want to earn a steady recurring income you have to have a membership website. In this article I will describe a strategy to help you build a successful membership website. According to this method first you create a free content-rich website and after it is well known, you launch the membership product.

Products and Services
First of all, in order to build a membership website you will need to decide what services or products will you offer to your website members. Are you able to provide those products or services or do you have to build them from scratch? You can promote other products as an affiliate but it would be even better to have your own products. You are not launching these products immediately so when you start, you will have enough time to create new products before activating them.

Domain Name, Web Hosting and Web Design
Next there are a few issues you must consider carefully. The domain name of your website and your web hosting server. Pick a "catchy" domain name, search-engine-friendly and easy to be remembered by people. As for your web-hosting needs you can follow this tactic. At first, when your website will be still unknown you can use a cheap web hosting provider. As time goes by and your domain and website gets older your visitors will multiply and you will need a dedicated server. Also at this stage you must decide who is going to design your website. If you plan to do this yourself that fine but you must be pretty skilled in order to find the right products to install on your server and implement search engine optimization techniques. You must have everything ready, your website files, any scripts that will be installed, your mailing list etc.

Keep adding content
Now that you've got your website up and running you want to attract more visibility. A good strategy to be appreciated by search engines and get more visitors is to start with original content in your website. Then, gradually, you can keep adding new original content. Internet marketers use the phrase "Content is King". This is not far from truth. You want to have a content-rich website that does well in the search engine results. You can have it if you use this content strategy.

Promoting the website
You can start promoting your website and why not, monetize it. Use article marketing to spread the word, promote a link-building-campaign where you get to contact other webmaster and request a link exchange. You want to have as many backlinks to your website as possible. You know of course that search engines love backlinks. Be careful of the backlinks anchor text. It should consist of 3 to 5 words and be as descriptive as possible. Also it should be keyword-rich. It could take years for your website to get old and become popular and well known. When this happens it is time to launch your membership products. Before that you can start monetizing your website.

Monetizing the website
Don't monetize the website at first. Start as a free website. If you insist though you must know there are a lot of ways to monetize a content-rich website. I know you expect to make money from the actual membership product but his is the last step before the launch so you can sit back and follow simple monetizing tactics. This will be extra income for you that will be developing as time goes by. People that won't become members may click that ad and make you a commission. A simple monetization technique would be to use AdSense ads. They are very popular and can be very easy money for you. You must know though that if you want to make serious money with AdSense you have to have a lot of website visitors. You can join affiliate networks or companies offering affiliate programs and start promoting them in your website like you do with AdSense. There are other ways to monetize a website but this is out of the scope of this article. On to the membership products. The final step.

The membership products
At last the moment you've been waiting for. Launching the actual membership website. Now you have a well known, free, rich-content website and probably a small customer base. Remember you have to offer as much value as possible to your website members.Maybe now is the time to move to that dedicated server. You should have promoted yourself, your website and your services in an extreme level. People now should be ready to trust you.

All this time you were waiting preparing your products and now its time to reap the benefits. Before launching the products you can spread the word to your existing customer list or follow an article marketing strategy. Deciding on the monthly membership fee can be difficult and crucial. Are you aiming a lot of potential members for a small fee or do you plan to charge a big fee and have a small customer-base? Think about this issue very carefully before deciding about the price.

If you offer great value and over-deliver it will be easy to build a small customer base at first. You will start seeing income. Then your list will gradually grow making you enough money for your living. Finally it can turn into the next famous membership website that will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

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