How to Beat Defensive Starcraft 2 Players


Get Them Before They Set-up Defense!

A brilliant way to deal with very defensive players is to rush them before they even have a chance to finish setting up there defense! Zealot rushing, zergling rushing and marine rushing are all viable strategies to deal with players who plan to rely on defensive play. This is as where you are spending your resources on offensive units, they are spending on defensive structures meaning they will be over run by your rush of forces as they have not invested in unit count. Banshee and Dark Templar rushing are also extremely effective against defensive players as opponents are rarely ready for cloaked units at the start of a game unless they are aware of your strategy.

Cheese strategies, even though frowned upon, are also effective against defensive players at the start of a game. Protoss canon rushing and planetary fortress rushing, both if pulled off effectively will cripple your opponent and lead to victory. However where these strategies work they can be considered all-in strategies with some being more recoverable from than others and will not work against experienced players.


Don’t Give Them a Chance to Defend Effectively!

If you keep attacking your opponents base with units constantly leaving them little time to recover it will eventually wear them down and grant you access into their base. They key to using this strategy is having a strong economy and the ability to pump out units quickly and effectively.

Using proxy strategy is a very useful way to do this. Proxy means to build near to the enemy base, or in close proximity of them. This way you can constantly pump out units to attack the enemy base while keeping reinforments coming. Protoss are extremely good at this as they can produce a pylon near the opponents ramp and set up a proxy pylon to warp in units straight for it’s warp gates creating less risk of losing valuable production buildings.


More Resources For You Right?

If your opponent is in defensive mode don’t view it as a bad thing view it as an opportunity to expand into the map and strengthen your economy! As long as you can keep you opponent contained you can gain the economic advantage and eventually overrun their base with a mass of units!

However it is important you keep scouting the opponents base in order prepare yourself for any oncoming strategy that could potentially cripple your forces. They are defensive players and are used to being blocked in. Once you have another resourcing colony set-up you can being to create more unit producing buildings and increase your tech to help get into the opponents base.


Can’t Get in the Front? Use the Back!

Defensive players will commonly concentrate all their defense to the front of their base at the ramp or choke point to prevent you entering. Luckily for us Starcraft 2 provides a number of strategies and units to gain access by different routes.

Each race has an flying unit with the ability to transport units across the map. The Zerg have Overlords, Protoss have Warp Prisms and Terran have Medivacs. It is a very common and easy strategy to transport units into the back of an enemy base and destroy their mineral line crippling their economy and normally leading to a win for you. The Zerg also get Nydus worms which can end games if set-up unknowingly to your opponent as it allows for all your ground forces to be transported through the Nydus worm into the enemy base. A proxy pylon or Warp Prism can be used be the Protoss also to backdoor warp in units from gateways.

Ground forces aside, if the opponent has not prepared air defenses it is easy to produce a few air units and fly in to harass the opponents mineral line which is also a good strategy to use.


Some Units are Designed for Sieging Defenses!

Some units have attributes which make them ideal for sieging bases. The most obvious being the siege tank with its high range in siege mode and its splash damage can tear apart a ramp and its defensive ground forces quickly and effectively. The Protoss Collosus also can be upgraded to have superior range to most units and can deal out continious splash damage. They also have the ability to scale cliffs which can be used to flank the enemy ramp along with some Stalkers that have the upgraded blink ability. Broodlords are the zergs main effective assault on ramps as their superior range lets them rain down broodlings onto the enemies defensive structures while the rest of your ground forces over run the opponents base.


There you have it, several ways in which you can deal with a defensive Starcraft 2 player. Make sure you check out Shokz Starcraft 2 Strategy guide for more hints tips and strategies in detail to improve your Starcraft 2 gameplay!

Shokz Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

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