How Link Building Becomes Relationship Building

Link building is the process of creating inbound links to your own website that can be done by reciprocal links, where two webmasters might agree to show the other’s link on their website being listed in newsletters, directories, and search engines among others. Link building helps in creating awareness, visibility and credibility of your site while building relationships among parties involved.

There is a greater extent of bloggers now that understand how to use social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to reach out to other people. Thus, the increased importance of engaging in social media as a means to build your presence on the web is indisputable.

Link building involves humans or people who are basically built in and for relationships because without people, links are totally useless or of no value. Links simply facilitate an opportunity for a person to tell others by digging, tweeting, stumbling or liking about your wonderful blog post or site.

You can have your website address in your personal profile and company profile and allow people to click on those links to check out your company. You can post in groups, provide answers or start a discussion, thus, posting a link to your website for more info is a very good way to reference people for free information or educational tools that supplement the conversation topic you’re starting.

Usually bloggers, webmasters and people online also track who is linking to them or where their traffic comes from, so linking to them is an easy way to get noticed by some of the target clients and thus allowing business deals and transactions possible online. Connections and relationships are being established taking to account the benefits one gets from the other.

Being viewed is only the beginning, the end goal is to compel readers to take some kind of action whether it is signing up for something or purchasing a product/service we may be promoting. The person brought to the link will make the decision as to how relevant it is and this is where relationships come in and where we need to make sure that we deliver the services they need.

A good link building strategy could be one that is actually approached more as a relationship building strategy. You will not get the full benefit of being nicely promoted or advertised if you do not keep the reader in mind and focus on engaging and building a relationship with him/her.

It is wise to consider your link would not only capture people to be content but is also worthy of sharing that is if link building has to become a relationship building. Don’t settle on just sending people to your site and yet may never return and never tell others about it, rather you’d better be ready to provide them with what they are searching for.

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