How Cari Got Her Start Making Money Online With No Money and No Skills

Judging by the questions I see posted in forums all over the internet, people really want to start making money online but they are concerned that it will take a lot of money or skills that they just do not have.

So I thought I would relay the story of Cari, a young girl just out of college with no good employment options. She is deep in debt from college and knows very little about computers other than how to get online, use Facebook, and download music to her Apple iTouch.

Cari needs income and likes the idea of starting a real business online that could maybe replace her need for a full time job someday. She had heard about other people making money online but they were using expensive Pay Per Click ads to drive traffic to a website they created.

Cari did not know how to build a website and had no interest in learning. She also had no money to pay for traffic through Pay Per Click (PPC). I told her that if she could communicate with others over Facebook then she had everything she needed to start making money online.

With what is called Article Marketing, I knew that Cari could get started right away writing articles about a topic she knew a lot about and promote a product to people her age that would earn her some money. All without spending any money.

She was really excited. Picked a topic she knew lots of people her age could identify with and started writing and submitting articles. She was following a proven blueprint for success that I had shown her.

Within days, Cari made her first commission, over $20. She was ecstatic. All this time she was writing articles and following the formula.

Within another few days she made another commission. And another. All without spending any money to buy traffic or setup a website or buy hosting service.

With the defined action plan I had told her about, she knew exactly what she had to do to earn the money and she kept at it. Over time, Cari will have a valuable business in addition to a nice income.

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