How Can I Do My Own Website?

Do I even need a website of my own? Is it even possible to create a website without professional training? These are all GREAT questions. When I started in this business I asked exactly the same. I had precisely ZERO knowledge of how to create a website.

Well creating a professional website is integral to the success of your business. With study and time, the information and tools are readily available for anyone wishing to do their own website. It will be YOUR website, not somebody else’s. When something goes wrong YOU can fix it…when it needs to be modified YOU can change it, When you want to expand it, it will be under YOUR CONTROL.

The first website that I created was, understandably, not very good, but I had it up and running in several hours. It was a start and once you understand the basic techniques, you can continue to improve your online presence.

So what is a Website? Well it is at least one, but usually more than one web pages. When you visit any site you will be directed to a web page (usually the home page). From there you can link to other web pages that are part of the total website. So the first thing that you need to do is to create a web page. Once you have your first web page, others can follow and be linked to your home (or index) page.

What Do I need to Create a Website? So how do we do this? Well we need an Web Editor. A Web Editor will allow you to type text, add images, links etc. to your webpage and design a layout that suits your needs. The editor itself converts your input into HTML Code which is the machine language recognized by the web, but this is not something that need concern you in your early learning. There are various web editors available online (Just do a search in your search engine). However one that is free and relatively simple to use is Kompozer. With Kompozer you can:

• Build a website from scratch

• Input images onto a page

• Install video and audio on your webpage

• Edit website templates

• And much more

Simply type in the word Kompozer into your favourite search engine for a selection of places from which to download it. And enjoy and have fun with this great piece of software

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