Homepage Tools Every Website Needs

There are many homepage tools out there that can be used to make your website better and help you improve upon the success of a site. These tools are used both on and off your web pages, and give you the ability to track all types of information about your site. Many of these tools are considered necessary for the success of a website.

Site Optimization Tools

One tool you need is the Google Webmaster Tools. These tools allow you to do many things to help you optimize your site and get in the top of the search engine listings. The first tool that is helpful to you shows you exactly how Google crawls your web page and what issues they are having in accessing it. This will help you understand where, when and how to update your pages so that they are search engine friendly. This will greatly boost your page rank.

Another tool offered by this set of homepage tools is the ability to track links to your website, as well as how many internal links you have that Google is recognizing. You can also discover what search queries are leading people to your website, and discover exactly how site visitors arrive there. This will help you better optimize your site for keywords and help you determine if your targeted traffic is getting to your site or if you need to make changes so that you do not get as much useless traffic to your site.

Another tool you should have is an analytics tool. There are many of these to choose from. Most of them require that you copy and paste a code to the bottom of you web page that allows the tracking company to gather data about your website and site visitors. However, good web builders include this service with no code necessary. The analytics tracking should create reports that are easily viewed that let you know who is visiting your site, how they get there, where they are from, and what keywords were used in their search. This information is vitally important, because it lets you know if you are reaching your target market, and which avenues need to be strengthened in order to drive more targeted traffic to your site.

Site User Tools

There are a number of tools that you should include in your website, and one of these is forms. You can use forms to give quotes or estimates, provide a method of feedback for your customers, get sales inquiries, or aid in customer service activities. All of these activities require the use of forms. Again, your website builder should have form capabilities built in. However, if not, or if the forms you want are not available, you can easily find forms in homepage tools websites for free or little cost. These forms are completely customizable, and all you have to do is copy and paste code to your website.

A guest book is also a helpful tool to include in your website. The guest book allows customers to leave feedback that is viewable by all of your site visitors. This is a great way to incorporate testimonials on your website. If someone posts something negative you can always go in and delete it.

Polls and voting widgets are also very helpful homepage tools, primarily for businesses. You can get your site visitors opinions on new products and services, find out what makes your customers tick, or find out what they really think of your website or company. This information can be valuable to your marketing and branding efforts.

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