Green Homes And Home Builders

Going green is not just for extreme environmentalists anymore. Many home owners are beginning to make the decision to build an energy efficient house or make adjustments to their existing houses. The decision to build green is becoming easier and much less costly than before. With the popularity of environmentally friendly living, home builders are quickly changing or adding options to their services and products to accommodate this new trend.

Some home manufacturers are constructing energy efficient houses in factories and trucking them into subdivisions and home sites. These factory built houses use 50 to 70 percent less waste than houses built on site. In addition, the homes normally take less time to construct and are sheltered from things like rain, wind and mold during the construction process.

These green homes are offered at about the same cost of a traditional house making them cost effective to purchase and maintain. When offered a choice of a traditional house, or an energy efficient house for about the same price, most home owners will opt for the greener home. The energy savings alone can add up to about 30% over a traditional house. This helps with the environment and keeps money in the pockets of the home owner.

Environmentally friendly homes are built while conserving natural resources. For example, bamboo is a popular wood to use in green homes because it is an abundant resource and grows more quickly than most other woods. Green homes are built to be energy and water efficient. Indoor air quality is also taken into consideration when constructing a more proficient home.

More than just a fad, green homes and the environmentally conscious lifestyle look to be around for a long time. Having a green home is more than doing something good for the environment, it means you are saving money and living in a healthy home. Houses built with higher environmental standards help house owners save money, energy, water and our Earth.

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