Free Traffic System – How to Create And Keep One?

A free traffic system is not a dream. It is achievable and there are various ways to create and keep a system which can drive you free web traffic.

First, forum marketing

Forum marketing, if used correctly, can be a permanent free traffic system for your websites. What you do is search for the forum which is related to the products that you are selling or promoting. Join the forum and post something interesting. Post some questions about things you need assistance with or recommend products and services to other vendors or suppliers. What you can share on a forum is limitless as long as you conduct yourself professionally and ethically.

The main setback for forum marketing however is, you need to post something on the forum almost every day. If you stop, chances are the community might forget about you. So, the free traffic system created by using forum marketing would not make you "free" at the end. You still have to work on it every day.

Second, article marketing

Article marketing is the other way to build a free traffic system. This is where you write a keyword-rich article, include your website link in the resource box, and submit it to various article directories for publishing purpose. You'll be able to get free web traffic for your website when the readers click on your website link.

Article marketing is a proven method to get free web traffic. But the works involved could be massive as you need to submit the articles to not only one or two article directories, but tens or hundreds in order to get the amount of free web traffic that you are looking for. That was what I have been doing. Though with the help of some software my works are minimized, but it still took a lot of my time to complete a submission of one article.

Third, social network marketing

There are many social networking websites which you can go to for a free traffic system. Facebook, along with Twitter and others are some of the social network marketing sites that you can use to get web traffic. You can link videos and blogs from the social websites to your homepage. Or share with "your friends" on the social websites information or websites which you found to be interesting, which happens to be the products or websites that you are promoting! The post, once posted, stays permanently on the social network websites. But if you do not "refresh" or "highlight" the posts from time to time, over time, it will be forgotten and all your effort go wasted.

The above are some of the popular methods to create a free traffic system. Though require continuous effort, they do work in driving traffic to your site.

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