Free Mass Traffic Review – Just How Free and How Mass?

In the review we are going to look at one of the hot internet marketing releases of 2011. As the international economic situation is not improving we are all looking for good investments for our businesses and way to build our traffic quicker and faster. Is this new release it?

Lets get through all the hype and marketing that is surrounding the launch of Free Mass Traffic (FMT) and take a look at what it is and how free and mass is the traffic.

FMT is brought to us by 2 very experienced internet marketers Chris Allen and Adeel Chowdry who have both made a very nice income online in the last few years. They have put their experience of build traffic strategies in to this new program.

So what is the core of the Free Mass Traffic system? A highly sophisticated software package which is designed to build traffic through traditional well proven methods, no black hat here, so you can be sure that in theory it works, this software automates processes that will take the average marketer days to complete.

I am not a big fan of automated traffic software programs, mainly because they mostly don’t work, but because they have focused on well tested methods that have proven to work again and again makes me want to take a closer look at FMT.

It is drop dead easy to use, if you can fill out forms and click a button then you can use this software. It is focused totally on building your websites search engine ranking and there for you can safely say that the traffic is totally free.

The next question is how mass is the traffic? I have set up a trail on a relatively new website with a steady stream of traffic. After a few days I am starting to see visitors from new sources and a steady increase in the daily traffic. This leaves me hopeful that Free Mass Traffic is going to become a part of my traffic building tool box.

I hope you found this review of Free Mass Traffic helpful and will take a look at the new software.

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