Flipping Websites For Profit Using Turnkey Websites

Flipping websites can be hugely profitable, provided you know what you are doing. Contrary to popular belief, flipping websites is a simple business model that anyone can adopt, as you shall soon see. But first of all, here’s a quick and brief primer on flipping websites.

Flipping websites is a business model that many Internet marketers have adopted. Marketers who are looking to profit from this business model will be looking to start websites, and then quickly sell them off for a quick profit. Success Internet business owners who flip websites for a living boast of monthly five figure earnings. Many people are surprise when they hear such huge figures because most websites are sold for less than a hundred dollars. So if websites are sold so cheaply, how is it possible that they earn such dramatic earnings?

Well, for starters, professional Internet marketers know how to sell websites at a much higher price than most people. In addition, they know how to build and sell websites very quickly. The math is simple. The faster they build and sell, the more they earn.

Let’s say you start by selling just one website a week. A domain name costs probably 10 bucks. You already have a reseller hosting account, so add another 5 bucks to the total cost. Then using some free scripts and content easily available on the Internet, you then setup a website in less than an hour. Now think about this.

Your website costs you 15 dollars. And you just invested one hour of your time. Now all you have to do is to sell the site at anything above 15 dollars, and you make a tidy profit. Let’s say you manage to sell your sites for 50 dollars. That equates to 35 dollars profit per week. So what do you do if you want to increase your income? That’s right, you build more sites and sell more sites.

As you progress, you notice that some sites will sell for more, others will sell for less. This depends on many factors, and with experience, you learn what type of sites sell for higher prices. To increase your income, simply make more of those sites and sell them off.

Another quick way to increase your income is to learn how to create high demand sites faster. In our example, you invested one hour to create one website. Now what will happen if you can create websites in a matter of minutes. This is possible with turnkey websites.

Turnkey websites are ready made websites that come with everything you need to setup a website. Usually, they come complete with a content management system and some content. Even if you don’t sell off the site immediately, a turnkey website can give you the perfect head start that you need for your online business. You can choose to add unique content, give it a unique design, promote them a little, and then sell it off at a much higher price.

Remember, in the business of website flipping, every website you create is a potential gold mine. The faster you create these sites, the more money you stand to make.

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