ECommerce Website Design You Can Afford – Making Your Money Work For You

Today I’m going to explore the 5 critical questions you must ask when considering eCommerce web site designers.

1. Interest Grabbing and Easy to Use Web Design

Your potential customers have many choices. They open many different websites but will take time to read websites that catch their eye. The first few seconds mean everything for converting clicks into dollars. Fair or not, your web site’s design and how easy it is to use represents the quality of what you are offering them.

Now the good news: Professional and attractive first impressions can be affordable if you ask the right questions. For some companies, an e Commerce web design template, with well thought out modifications can develop a great first impression for under $1500. But, you want to be certain that when you request a quote you compare apples to apples, and that the web site design bid includes all five of the topics below.

If you are in a industry with a lot of competition, visual (beauty, high end products, arts), or high end (legal, real estate), you might want to invest in a custom e-commerce website design. A money-making custom web design that includes all five of the elements below will probably run between $5,000 and $25,000.

2. An Effective Call to Action Stands On Good Clean Writing

An attractive eCommerce web site design is just the first step. Once your website makes an great first impression, you have about a second to turn that interest into action. Your business site has to be crafted to convince and make it simple for visitors to take action. A money-making affordable e-commerce web site design clearly explains your offer, easily shows how a visitor can get ahold of you (you don’t know how many visitors are foiled by a lack of phone number!), and offer your potential customers information that they want so much they are willing to give you their email address for it. When you hire a good web design team, they help you define what makes you different, write your messaging, and your competitive angle.

3. Trading Value for an Email Address

Most of the people visiting your eCommerce website don’t have an immediate need but are researching for the future. Potential customers might spend a couple minutes browsing your site, but will they remember it in the morning? You want them to think of you when they decide to buy! How do you achieve that? Trade value in return for their email address.

This is without a doubt a critical neglected part of effective e-commerce web design. This one idea can grow your company up to 40% in responses and revenues. This takes some marketing finesse – we need to understand your customer and what they really want. Next you write reports helping them solve these issues.

For example, if you are a lawyer, “Tricks to getting the best prices in legal services”, or if you sell baby clothes, “Keeping Baby Safe: What You Need To Know About What is Under Your Sink” would make excellent topics. For real estate brokers, “Buying in a Buyers Market – How To Find The Gems And Get The Best Deal” would certainly capture the attention of potential clients.

To be effective, these reports can’t be canned information – they have to really address the concern of the visitor. Writing these takes some work, but, it pays off rapidly when new customers contact you. I have real estate client who made over $6,000,000 in three months because he developed a custom follow-up sequence.

4. Herding Paying Customers to Your Website

Having a eCommerce web design without clicks is like having a billboard on an unused road in the desert. Wouldn’t you rather be so busy with lots of people coming by? Us old-time web marketers know that like any sales and marketing, the Internet is a numbers game.

Many people don’t think that building your site so it will rank well in Yahoo! and Google is possible when contracting an affordable eCommerce web site design. Our experience tells us, you make more money more quickly when you build your site at the beginning for search engines rather than ignoring their impact and then hiring a company later on to retrofit it for these purposes.

5. Ongoing Maintenance Packages

One wonderful aspect of an eCommerce website is that it markets your company 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You wake up in the morning with new leads and sales in your inbox. But for this to work, your web design needs regular care and feeding in order to keep the site working for you. Our customers generally consider maintenance a utility, like phone, power, or water service. Sure there is a monthly fee but you need it to keep the site going.

Maintenance packages for our clients cover three regular activities:

a.keeping the website up and safe so it doesn’t get hijacked or hacked
b.making edits to the website to keep it current (because you are so busy managing your business you don’t have time)]
c.constantly monitoring your placement in the search engines

When you understand your need for an affordable e commerce web site design, be a good businessperson and make sure that the designer is addressing all of the 5 issues we just covered.

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